Watch: Head Shaving On A Plane

Somebody on a United Airlines flight filmed a passenger in front of him shaving his head with an electric razor. Getting ready for the weekend like... ✈️------‍♂️✂️------ #personalgroomingisPERSONAL #firstclassy ------ • • • #passengershaming #hairysituation #NOPE #instagramaviation #...
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Watch: Shaving On A Train

Somebody posted video of a guy shaving on a New Jersey train. But he's not using an electric shaver, he's lathered-up and shaving with a double-edge razor. And when he finishes, he SHAKES the razor over the seat next to him to remove the excess shaving cream. Welcome to NJ TRANSIT!!! pic.twitter...
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Look: Shaving Cream Sunburn Cure Hack

A woman in Texas posted photos that show how you can use menthol shaving cream to help cure a sunburn. But don't expect it to magically CURE one. Apparently it does work, but basically just does the same thing as aloe.
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