Watch: Decade-Long Losing Streak Ends For High School Football Team

Pandemonium erupted on the football field as the Diamond Hill-Jarvis Eagles broke the curse, winning their first game in a decade. Video of Decade-Long Losing Streak Ends For North Texas High School Football Team
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students singing

Watch: Students Perform Flawless Acapella Cover of "This Is Me" From The Greatest Showman

Now this is how you start a school year! Checkout the students of the Plymouth Public Schools who performed a powerful rendition of "This Is Me" from the popular musical 'The Greatest Showman' for their staff at their Opening Day ceremony. According to the Plymouth Public School Facebook page, the...
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Teachers Bringing Drake And Cardi B To The Classroom

“Kiki, do you love reading?”
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Tips For Smart Back-To-School Shopping

It's August, which means it's time to start thinking about back-to-school shopping. So if you've got kids, here are five tips to save you some money... 1. Shop on tax-free holidays. Fourteen states are having sales tax holidays this month, where you can purchase certain back-to-school items without...
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The Top School Supplies Teachers Need Donated

The new school year's coming up. And not every parent can afford all the supplies their kids need. So sadly, teachers end up footing the bill for a lot of stuff. Someone talked to a bunch of them and asked which things they need most. So if you're doing your back-to-school shopping and want to buy...
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The Top Back-To-School Expenses

Most kids go back to school later this month. Which is a big stress-reliever for parents. But it also means your wallet's about to take a hit... A new survey found parents will spend as much as $65 more on back-to-school stuff this year compared to 2017. And new clothes are still the biggest...
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Phones In Class Cost College Kids Half A Grade On Exams

For college kids, checking your phones during lecture classes isn't just a harmless distraction. According to a new study from Rutgers University, keeping your devices open during class for non-academic use can actually lead to lower grades. Researchers found that when students in an upper-level...
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Kid Graduates Without Ever Missing School

A kid in Philadelphia just graduated from high school after never missing a single day of school his whole life. From pre-kindergarten through 12th grade, he made it to school 2,340 days in a row. Now his teachers have started a GoFundMe page and raised 20 GRAND to send him to culinary school...
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Old-School Hobbies That Are Dying Out

A new survey found about 75% of us DO have at least one hobby we take part in regularly. The study also looked at hobbies that USED to be popular. Here are the top 10 hobbies that have died out... 1. Being interested in trains, or building model train sets. 2. Quilting and embroidery. 3. Astrology...
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Watch: WWE Stars In High School

These high school photos of your favorite WWE superstars are priceless... *** cue the Vitamin C *** We're going BACK to high school! @AlexaBliss_WWE @BellaTwins — WWE (@WWE) May 27, 2018
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