Phones In Class Cost College Kids Half A Grade On Exams

For college kids, checking your phones during lecture classes isn't just a harmless distraction. According to a new study from Rutgers University, keeping your devices open during class for non-academic use can actually lead to lower grades. Researchers found that when students in an upper-level...
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Kid Graduates Without Ever Missing School

A kid in Philadelphia just graduated from high school after never missing a single day of school his whole life. From pre-kindergarten through 12th grade, he made it to school 2,340 days in a row. Now his teachers have started a GoFundMe page and raised 20 GRAND to send him to culinary school...
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Old-School Hobbies That Are Dying Out

A new survey found about 75% of us DO have at least one hobby we take part in regularly. The study also looked at hobbies that USED to be popular. Here are the top 10 hobbies that have died out... 1. Being interested in trains, or building model train sets. 2. Quilting and embroidery. 3. Astrology...
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Watch: WWE Stars In High School

These high school photos of your favorite WWE superstars are priceless... *** cue the Vitamin C *** We're going BACK to high school! @AlexaBliss_WWE @BellaTwins — WWE (@WWE) May 27, 2018
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Watch: Car Crashed Through School Senior Prank

A group of high school kids in Wisconsin pulled off a pretty good senior prank the other day. They took the back half of an old car, and made it look like it had crashed through the wall of their principal's office. It looked so real from the outside of the building, even the police were impressed...
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Look: High School Sweethearts Marry On School Lawn

Shelley Watkins from Kansas City reconnected with her ex-boyfriend Phil about three years ago after she found him on Facebook. They dated for a while as teenagers, and broke up over 30 years ago. But the spark was still there, and they started dating again. And last Tuesday, they got MARRIED on the...
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Look: Kim Kardashian's 8th Grade School Picture

Believe it or not, Kim Kardashian was once an innocent Catholic school girl. Here she is in 8th grade. Catholic School Girl 8th Grade A post shared by Kim Kardashian West (@kimkardashian) on
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School Bullying Is Declining

The Department of Education recently released new data from 2015 that wasn't available until now. And there's been a pretty huge drop in bullying since a similar survey they did in 2007. Back then, 32% of kids between 12 and 18 said they'd been bullied, or were currently being bullied. And by 2015...
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Fundraiser: Arnold-Imperial Optimist Club Helps Pay Down School Lunch Debt

Many children depend on a nutritious lunch to help them through their school day. The Arnold-Imperial Optimist club would like to raise funds to help local families pay off school lunch debt becuase they believe all students should have access to quality lunches, no matter their family's financial...
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Kid Eyebrow

Two Moms Accuse Washington Daycare of Waxing Kids' Eyebrows

This would never happen at Lu's school, but if it did, I would be in jail for assault. A daycare in Washington State is under investigation after two moms claimed that their children's eyebrows were waxed at the facility. "I saw she was missing her patch of hair because she has a unibrow and she...
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