13-Year-Old Boy Earns His Fourth Associates Degree

13-year-old Jack Rico can’t yet legally drink or drive, but he does have four college degrees to show off. The teenager earned an associates degree from Fullerton College this week, bringing his grand total to four.
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1 in 5 Teachers Unlikely to Return When Schools Reopen in the Fall: Poll

Most people across the country expect schools to reopen in the fall, but a new poll found a handful of teachers, and students will likely not return.
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school buses

Watch: School Buses Spell Out "2020" To Salute Graduates

Several school buses celebrated graduation by spelling out "2020".
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kids wearing masks

What School Could Look Like When It Re-Opens

Experts predict what school might look like when it reopens.
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home schooling

Listen: Occupational Therapist Cindy McFarland's Home Schooling Tips

Occupational therapist Cindy McFarland from Miriam Learning Center joins the Wake Up to help keep kids on track with their school work right now.
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Families Raise Money for School Janitors Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

While schools across the country remain closed, custodial staff still have to go in to make sure that everything is clean. Families raised money for school janitors amid the coronavirus pandemic.
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Kevin "The Intern" Berghoff

Listen: Kevin's Inspirational Speech As Online School Resumes

Kevin gives a little pep talk to students resuming online classes today.
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Watch: High School Choir Joins Online For Concert

A choir got together ONLINE to sing "Over The Rainbow".
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Zoom CEO Offers Free Tools for Schools Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

Eric Yuan, the CEO of Zoom, is making sure schools have the opportunity to sign up to free accounts for his video conferencing software. See the details.
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Principal Demands Female Students Send Photos of Prom Dresses for Approval

A high school principal is demanding female students submit photos of their prom dressses for approval before purchasing them. Many believe the mandate has crossed the line and that parents should be the ones approving the outfits.
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