wine baby

Watch: Save The Wine Or The Baby?

A woman is dividing social media over her presumed priorities after a video of her catching her champagne instead of a baby has gone viral.
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mony Christmas

Ways To Save Money This Christmas

Some ways to SAVE money this year for Christmas include...
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Lessons A Mom Of 6 Can Teach You About Saving Money On Food And Groceries

A mom of SIX gives some simple advice on ways you can save money on food and groceries.
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dog in tree

LOOK: Firefighters Save Dog That Chased A Cat Up A Tree

(Y98) - It's well known that every so often firefighters are called to perform a rescue operation on a cat getting stuck in a tree, but it's not very common to find a dog up in the branches as well. Yet that's the unusual scene members of the Lathrop Manteca Fire District in California faced...
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Watch: Police Save Woman From Burning Car

If you haven't seen this footage, it's pretty crazy. Two police officers in Virginia responded to a crash on Friday, and pulled a 57-year-old woman from a burning car JUST in time. One of their chest-cams got the whole thing on video. Video of Woman Saved From Burning Car
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How To Save Money On Groceries

If you want to save money on groceries, try going to the store MORE often, and buying smaller amounts. The average family of four wastes $124 a month on food, or $31 per person. So if you're a couple with two kids, that's about $1,500 a year. One reason we waste so much is because we tend to...
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Watch: Horse Runs Back To Save Family From Fire

A video is going viral of a horse running back into the fire in California to get his family out. Video of the day from the #EasyFire . A horse goes back into the blaze to get his family. — Logan Hall (@LoganHallNews) October 30, 2019
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Let's taco 'bout National Taco Day: Places to get deals on your tasty tacos

ST. LOUIS (KYKY) - Tomorrow is National Taco Day and there's plenty of deals for you to sink your teeth into. Taco Bell Video of National Taco Day: Glen And The Magic Taco | Taco Bell Taco Bell is offering a $5 gift box Friday, Oct. 4 only, which contains two Crunchy Tacos and two Nacho Cheese...
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Ways To Save Money On Air Conditioning

Air conditioning can be a life saver, but it comes at a price. So here are four minor adjustments you can make to save money... 1. Set your thermostat a little higher. Air conditioners use three to five percent less energy for every degree you raise the thermostat. So setting it at 75 instead of 72...
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What We'll Spend And Tips To Save On Back-To-School Shopping

According to a new study, the average parents will spend $507 on back-to-school shopping this year. That's up $42 from last year. And because of the cost, about half of parents say they're worried about back-to-school shopping this year. Click Here to see more. Here are four tips to help you SAVE...
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