Look: Major League Baseball's Proposed Safety Protocols

Major League Baseball will reportedly have some new rules to protect against the spread of COVID-19.
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safety rules

Safety Rules Modern Parents Have To Set For Their Kids

Here are the top safety rules that maodern parents have to set for their kids.
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Celebrity's death on e-scooter sparks new concerns

(KYKY) — After a Youtube star was involved in a fatal accident while riding an electric scooter through the busy streets of London, safety concerns about the motorized transportation devices are surfacing. According to the Guardian , Emily Hartrigde's death last week marked the first of its kind in...
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Problems with this year's Amazon Prime Days

ST. LOUIS (KYKY) - Amazon Prime Day has consumers celebrating extra this year by extending the discounted sales to an entire 48 hours. The sales are being offered on Amazon Prime from July 15th-July 16th and have a vast variety of products offered at more affordable prices for a limited time. While...
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Important Fireworks Safety Tips

About 300 people a day go to the ER with firework-related injuries around the Fourth of July. So, here are six important fireworks safety tips you need to remember to make your holiday safe... 1. Make sure they're legal where you are. Even if the state says certain fireworks are okay, counties and...
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National Tire Safety Week

It's National Tire Safety Week which is a good reminder to make sure you're being safe out there on the roads. Here are five things you're supposed to do this week... 1. Check your tire pressure. It fluctuates with the weather and can drop about one PSI per month. You can usually find your optimum...
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Chicken Strips

More Than 69,000 Pounds Of Tyson Chicken Strips Recalled

This isn't good. Check out the article from Yahoo! about the chicken strips recall: Approximately 69,093 pounds of frozen chicken strips have been recalled by Tyson Foods, Inc. because the products may be contaminated with metal, the United States Department of Agriculture announced Thursday. The...
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Trick-Or-Treating Safety Tips

A new study this week found you're 43% more likely to get hit and killed by a car on Halloween. And obviously kids are the most vulnerable demographic. Children between 4 and 8 are FIVE TIMES more likely to get hit on Halloween. And previous studies have found the most dangerous time is between 6:...
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Watch: Turkish Airlines - Safety Video With "The Lego Movie" Characters

Turkish Airlines did a new safety video that stars the cast of "The Lego Movie". It also features animated superhero characters like Batman, Robin, Superman, and Wonder Woman. Video of Turkish Airlines: Safety Video with The LEGO Movie Characters
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Grilling Safety Mistakes

It's Friday! If you're barbequing this weekend, here are some tips on how to keep things safe... 1. Give the grill enough space. Having your grill too close to trees or your house can be dangerous with floating embers that could easily spark a fire. Keep it at least 10 feet away from your home,...
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