Being Pregnant Is Like Running A Daily Marathon

According to a new study out of Duke University, being pregnant is so tough on a woman's body it's like running a daily marathon. Your body is working so hard and needs so many calories it's like you're an endurance athlete. Click Here to see more.
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Look: "Avengers: Endgame" Running Time

"Avengers: Endgame" is 182 minutes long, which is the longest runtime of a Marvel movie to date. It's three hours and two minutes to be exact. 3 hours, 2 minutes. #AvengersEndgame — Fandango (@Fandango) March 25, 2019
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Why One Mom Is Trying To Break World Record For Fastest Stroller 10K

By Meredith Ganzman A 10K with a stroller- it may just be a new Guinness World Record. 30-year-old Rachel Bowling ran the LowCountry Habitat for Humanity Resolution race in South Carolina to try to be the fastest woman for this race while pushing a double stroller. She says she hopes her efforts...
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Watch: Chris Pratt Talks Running

Chris Pratt loves acting, but he needs a physical release to keep himself balanced. He says, quote, "I'm an actor so I don't have that kind of job I can just shut my mind off and do physical labor." Pratt owns property on an island off the coast of Washington state, where he goes biking, running,...
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Watch: Running Criminal Stopped By Parking Lot Gate

Security cam in Australia filmed some idiot getting karmic payback when he attempted to run THROUGH a parking lot gate. But the gate was spring-loaded in the middle, so it bounced right back and knocked him on his backside.
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Chip Gaines Runs First Marathon With Wife Joanna Cheering Him On

"Fixer Upper" funny guy Chip Gaines completed his first marathon Sunday and Joanna cheered him on all the way to the finish line. Pregnant with the couple's fifth child, Joanna was glowing with pride watching her husband compete in the Silo District Marathon in their hometown of Waco. In addition...
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Boston Marathon

An American Woman Won the Boston Marathon for the First Time in 33 Years

The Boston Marathon had some pretty intense conditions yesterday - 38 degrees with strong winds and icy rain. That sounds miserable, but that didn't stop the marathon from happening. 34-year-old Desiree Linden crossed the finish line in 2 hours, 39 minutes, and 53 seconds. That's about 20 minutes...
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Photo: Dunkin' Donuts Running Shoes

In honor of the Boston Marathon next month, the shoe company Saucony just released DUNKIN' DONUTS running shoes. Dunkin' Donuts has its headquarters in Boston, so the connection makes sense. The shoes are black and white, with a pink and orange donut on the heel and sprinkles all over them. (Delish...
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Kid Running

Video Dad Makes Son Run to School for Bullying Classmates

All parents have different ways to discipline their children, but this a new trick we've never seen before. Bryan Thornhill’s 10-year-old son had been getting into trouble for bullying on his Virginia school bus when his father came up with a novel way to punish him: He made the youngster run to...
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Run and Run Smores Event

Run! and Run! S'MORE - 5k Run and 1 Mile Run/Walk

We'll let you walk or run but you have to eat s'mores with us! All proceeds benefit the Jackson Hill Foundation, which honors the legacy of Jackson Hill by supporting families of pediatric patients across the U.S. Location: Truffles - 9202 Clayton Rd. St. Louis, MO 63124 Date: Saturday Feb 24, 2018...
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