The Most Embarrassing Past Roles Of This Year's Oscar Nominees

All actors, even Oscar-caliber ones, have chosen some TERRIBLE roles in the past, or have taken some questionable opportunities to jump-start their careers. The "Daily Beast" has a rundown of the most embarrassing past roles done by THIS YEAR's Oscar nominees... 1. Lady Gaga. She's relatively new...
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Watch: Christian Bale's Many Weight Changes

Here's a montage of all the body transformations Christian Bale has put himself through for Hollywood. Video of Watch Christian Bale’s Weight Change Drastically Over 12 Roles
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18 Iconic Roles That Almost Went To Different Stars 

Can you imagine how different things might have turned out if Gwen Stefani had accepted the role of Jane Smith in Mr. and Mrs Smith , the movie that led to Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt's romance? She says she turned down the part so she could focus on music. Here are 10 other iconic roles that...
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Early Roles Famous Actors Probably Wish We'd Forget

Everyone has to start somewhere. And it's usually not at the top. Here are "Five Early Roles Famous Actors Probably Wish We'd Forget"... 1. Ashley Judd appeared on "Star Trek: The Next Generation". In a 1991 episode called "The Game", everyone on the Enterprise is being controlled by a virtual...
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Actors Who Turned Down "Harry Potter" Movie Roles

Business Insider has a list of "15 Actors You Never Knew Turned Down Roles In Harry Potter". They are... Naomi Watts Christopher Lee Tilda Swinton Ian McKellan Rosamund Pike Michael Cera Sean Connery Kate Winslet David Walliams Carole Bouquet Hugh Grant Patrick McGoohan Kate Duchene Helen McCrory...
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