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The Worst Foods To Eat On A Road Trip

Some of the WORST foods that you can eat on a road trip include...
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construction road

Watch: The UP Companies' "Old Construction Road"

St. Louis' UPCO teamed UP with CHINGY to produce a song that promotes local careers in construction.
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LOOK: Camel, cow, donkey found roaming together along Kansas road

GODDARD, Kan. (AP) — Authorities have found the owners of a camel, cow and donkey that were spotted roaming together along a Kansas road in a grouping reminiscent of a Christmas Nativity scene. Police in Goddard had asked for help over the weekend in a Facebook post locating the owners of the “...
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The Perfect Road Trip

A new survey asked people what goes into the PERFECT road trip, and here are the answers... 1. It's an average of three days long. 2. You take a convertible. 3. The most essential things to have in the car are snacks, phone chargers, and water. 4. And the best snacks are pretzels and chips, candy,...
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Reasons To Take A Road Trip This Fall

Here's how to do an autumn ROAD TRIP right... 1. Seek out the fall foliage. Fall leaves and all their incredible colors are something you can only get this time of year. In most areas, the autumn colors peak in mid-October, but it really depends on the weather. (Here's an interactive map for 2019...
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Watch: Road Rage Driver Shot By Flare Gun

There's a video from Russia of a road rage incident where one of the drivers got shot in the neck with a flare gun and survived. It happened after he got out of his car and approached the other driver. His clothes also caught fire, and fortunately a woman came over to help put out the flames. The...
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Minnesota Dirt Road Named After Weird Al Yankovic

A dirt road in Darwin, Minnesota is now called "Weird Alley", in honor of Weird Al Yankovic. Thirty years ago, he immortalized the town's infamous tourist attraction in the song, "The Biggest Ball of Twine in Minnesota". Click Here to see more. Video of The Biggest Ball of Twine In Minnesota
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Parenting Your Summer Road Trip

A new poll found the average family will spend 23 hours in the car for all their summer road trips this year and deal with a LOT of annoying questions. The average parent will hear the phrase "are we there yet" 16 times, the words, "how much longer" 18 times, and the prhase, "I'm tired" 17 times...
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The Best And Worst States For A Summer Road Trips

Wallet Hub just released its annual list of the best states for a summer road trip. The top ten states to take a summer road trip in 2019 are: North Carolina . . . Wyoming . . . Minnesota . . . Virginia . . . Texas . . . New York . . . Louisiana . . . Oregon . . . Utah . . . and Wisconsin. The ten...
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Watch: Road Rage: Senior Edition

We've seen our share of road rage videos, but this is the first time the person looks JUST like the old man from the movie "Up"...
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