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Cesar Millan

Cesar Millan's Dogs Fly In Private Planes

If you're going to call yourself "The Dog Whisperer" , you'd better live up to it and Cesar Millan does just that. His own dogs are living the life. For one thing, they don't sit in the baggage compartment on commercial flights. He says, quote, "I love private planes for dogs. I fly with all of...
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Dog and Cat

Area Shelters Announce Inaugural St. Louis Area Shelter Slumber Pawty

Several local animal shelters and rescue organizations have joined forces to create the St. Louis Area Shelter Slumber Pawty, a livestreamed event set to take place at 15 local animal shelters to raise funds and awareness of shelter-pet adoption. The first-ever collaborative event is set to take...
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Animal Rescue Group Asks For Old Bras To Help Heal Turtles With Broken Shells

Donate a bra, save a turtle! An animal-welfare nonprofit in North Carolina is asking for donations of used bras because the undergarments' metal clasps can be used to help heal turtles' broken shells. “It acts like a little fixator,” Keenan Freitas of Carolina Waterfowl Rescue says about the tiny...
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Dog and Firework

Humane Society of Missouri shares Fourth of July pet safety tips.

Independence Day celebrations would not be the same without the scorching sun and fireworks lighting up the night sky. For pets, however, heat and sudden loud noises can be more harmful and frightening than fun. The Humane Society of Missouri encourages pet parents to keep their furry friends’...
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Sick Dog

A Quarter Of Pet Owners Have Lied To Their Boss About A Sick Pet

When you call in sick or show up late too many times, you can't keep using the same excuse. A new survey found just under a quarter of pet owners have lied to their boss about a sick pet before. Sometimes it's to get out of work and sometimes there really is something wrong, but we worry our boss...
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Woman and Dog

75% of Women With Dogs Say They Aren't Dog Owners

Hopefully your dog is ready to treat you right this Mother's Day. According to a new survey of women with dogs, 75% of them say they aren't just "dog owners" they're dog moms. Well, duh!!!!!! 36% say they absolutely consider their dog to be their child and 40% own some kind of clothing that...
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Watch: Gateway Pet Guardians Gets A New Home

It's an exciting time for Gateway Pet Guardians (GPG)! They have a new building in East St. Louis and it's a game changer for them. Their new building is the former Miles Davis Elementary School, which is 54,000 square feet. Their current location is A LOT smaller and only has 13 kennels. With the...
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Egg-celent Tips And Hoppin’ Advice On Taking Care Of Easter Animal Friends

With Easter less than a week away, families may be considering adopting a spring chicken or bunny rabbit. While these cute farm friends make great companions, there are several factors the Humane Society of Missouri and Longmeadow Rescue Ranch want potential adopters to keep in mind before making...
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Why You Should Donate Old Comforters And Pillows To Animal Shelters

Do you have old comforters, blankets, pillows, towels, or drapes that you're looking to get rid of? Then donate them to an animal shelter. According to Lifehacker , shelters will often accept your spare textiles and linens and use them as bedding for animals. It's a win-win situation: You'll be...
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Apple and Lu

Tips For Introducing Pets To Your Baby

Even though we recently went through this with Lu and Apple, we still need to keep in mind we are adding another baby to the family and we need to properly introduce her to Apple. Whether you are bringing home your first baby or fourth, here are some great tips from Pregnant Chicken : First let me...
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