Look: Digitally Remove The Rat From "The Departed"

Someone launched a Kickstarter to have the LIVE RAT digitally removed from the end of "The Departed", because it's a really cheesy, on-the-nose metaphor. He was asking for $4,000, and has already received more than that. A Kickstarter to digitally erase the rat from the end of The Departed. https...
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Watch: "Avatar" Sequels Remove Papyrus Font Thanks To SNL

Expect one major change in the four upcoming "Avatar" sequels: The movie title will no longer be written in Papyrus font. The first movie was always mocked for using a cheap computer font, so the sequels have a new logo. Video of Papyrus - SNL
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Oscars Remove "Popular Movie" Category

The upcoming "Oscars" on February 24th will NOT have the oddly-controversial "popular" movie category. The Academy is shelving the idea for now, because launching it nine months into the year would create, quote, "challenges for films that have already been released." They also said, quote, "There...
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