Man shocks internet with how girlfriend puts away groceries

While you may think you know a lot about the person you’re dating, once you start living with them you find out all sorts of new stuff, and one guy is a bit baffled over what he discovered about his S.O. when it comes to groceries.
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Professional Stuntman Sets Himself on Fire to Propose to Girlfriend

During a decoy photo shoot, UK-based stuntman Riky Ash, 52, assembled a crew and lit himself on fire to propose to his girlfriend Katrina Dobson.
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Dating Expert Says Never Date Men in Their 30s Due to Their Commitment Issues

Relationship expert Jana Hocking has some new advice for those looking for their potential soulmate: stay away from the 30-year-olds. Read more on RADIO.COM.
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failed relationship

Factors That Predict Your Relationship Will Fail

Some scientific factors that can predict if your relationship will FAIL include...
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Each Zodiac Sign's Most Common Relationship Problem

Your zodiac sign might hold the KEY to why your relationship is having trouble.
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holding hands

Relationship Tips When Dealing With A Crisis

Here are a few realtionship tips when dealing with a crisis.
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Staying In A Relationship Even Though You Plan To End It

According to a new survey, the average person says they'll usually spend TWO MONTHS in a relationship with someone they're going to dump before they finally end things. And here are the 10 reasons why they drag it out... 1. To put off hurting the person's feelings. 2. Just waiting for the right...
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The Best And Worst Cities For Singles And "Cuffing"

Right now is apparently something called "cuffing season." That's when single people settle into temporary relationships to get through the winter, but the relationships rarely survive past the spring. And found the best and worst cities for finding someone to cuff with this winter. (I'm...
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How Much Weight You Gain In A Long-Term Relationship

The average person now gains a delicious 36 POUNDS in a long-term relationship, according to a new study. And we don't exactly wait to start packing it on since we gain 17 of those 36 pounds in the first year! Click Her e to see more.
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Things We're Most Likely To Lie About Early In A Relationship

A new survey found the most common things people lie about early in a relationship. Here are the top 10... 1. Their salary, 31%. 2. Spending habits, 28%. 3. Debt, 24%. 4. Their job, 23%. 5. Their family, 21%. 6. Intentions with the relationship, 19%. 7. Whether they're seeing other people, 17%. 8...
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