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Relationship Tips When Dealing With A Crisis

Here are a few realtionship tips when dealing with a crisis.
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Staying In A Relationship Even Though You Plan To End It

According to a new survey, the average person says they'll usually spend TWO MONTHS in a relationship with someone they're going to dump before they finally end things. And here are the 10 reasons why they drag it out... 1. To put off hurting the person's feelings. 2. Just waiting for the right...
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The Best And Worst Cities For Singles And "Cuffing"

Right now is apparently something called "cuffing season." That's when single people settle into temporary relationships to get through the winter, but the relationships rarely survive past the spring. And found the best and worst cities for finding someone to cuff with this winter. (I'm...
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How Much Weight You Gain In A Long-Term Relationship

The average person now gains a delicious 36 POUNDS in a long-term relationship, according to a new study. And we don't exactly wait to start packing it on since we gain 17 of those 36 pounds in the first year! Click Her e to see more.
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Things We're Most Likely To Lie About Early In A Relationship

A new survey found the most common things people lie about early in a relationship. Here are the top 10... 1. Their salary, 31%. 2. Spending habits, 28%. 3. Debt, 24%. 4. Their job, 23%. 5. Their family, 21%. 6. Intentions with the relationship, 19%. 7. Whether they're seeing other people, 17%. 8...
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Relationship "Red Flags" That Are Actually Normal

Here are five things that might SEEM like red flags, even though they're normal... 1. Letting things go unresolved. Trying to find a solution to every single issue that you disagree on is exhausting and unrealistic. And sometimes it just starts another fight. So letting things go is okay sometimes...
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Mementos From A Past Relationship

According to a new survey, one in four people say they still have keepsakes or mementos from past relationships. The survey also found men are twice as likely as women to hold onto love letters from their exes. Click Here to see more.
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The Important Phrases To Use In Your Relationship

Here are some key phrases you should be saying in your realtionship to keep it healthy... 1. "I like you just the way you are." You shouldn't try to force each other to change too much . . . because it probably won't happen regardless. So work on accepting them. And earn some brownie points by...
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People In Your Life Who Are "Romantically Off Limits"

A new survey asked people who in their life is "romantically off limits" either to date, or possibly just get-it-on with. And here are the top 10... 1. A friend's partner. 50% of people say they're off limits. So only half of people? 2. Someone in a relationship, 46%. 3. A friend's ex, 40%. 4. One...
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The Signs That You Are In A Relationship And Not Just Dating

When you're seeing someone new, what's the cutoff point where you stop "dating" and you're now in a "relationship"? A new survey found the average is about six weeks in. Here are the top ten signs you're ready to call it a "relationship." 1. You confide in each other. 2. You've stopped dating other...
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