Kids Earth Day

Different Ways To Celebrate Earth Day With Your Kids

You set the example for your kids. They look at your behaviors and they follow them. So, take the initiative and show them how they can participate in Earth Day. From Learning Lift Off , here are 6 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day with Your Kids: Every year on April 22, more than one billion people in...
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Car Seat

Target Is Giving Us Another Reason To Love Them

Here's another way you can participate in Earth Day. From Pregnant Chicken : Target is giving us yet another reason to adore their stores. Thanks to their new car seat trade-in program, parents can get rid of old car seats they can’t use anymore in exchange for a 20% coupon for baby gear. Seats and...
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Polo Ralph Lauren store

Polo Ralph Lauren creates 'Earth Polo' from recycled plastic

NEW YORK (KYKY) — Polo Ralph Lauren has revealed a shirt made out of recycled plastic just in time for Earth Day. One iconic shirt, 12 bottles recycled. #TheEarthPolo . Introducing the first-ever Polo shirt crafted from recycled plastic bottles. Part of our commitment to prevent 170 million bottles...
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UpCycle Event

Entercom St. Louis Has Partnered With Goodwill To Hold A Spring Cleaning UpCycle Event

I have a challenge for you ... Over the weekend, do some Spring Cleaning at home or work in celebration of Earth Day on April 22nd. Entercom St. Louis has partnered with Goodwill to hold a Spring Cleaning UpCycle Event. Goodwill will be parked in front of the Park Pacific building to accept clothes...
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12 Things You Probably Didn't Know You Could Recycle

BuzzFeed has put together a list of things that most people aren't aware they can recycle. Here they are: Crayons. Got a lot of crayons laying around? Great! Send them—wrappers and all—to Crazy Crayons in Colorado. According to them, over 12 million crayons are produced in the United States every...
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Recycling Smart for St. Louis

Recycle Smart! You may have heard of changes in the recycling industry that could potentially have an effect on our curbside recycling. China, the world’s leading importer of recyclables, recently announced that they will no longer accept recyclable materials that have high contamination levels. In...
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Starbucks Beverage

Starbucks Will No Longer Use Straws

Starbucks says, so long to their famous green straws.
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