The Reasons Why Mosquitoes Are Attracted To You

Here are a few things that attract mosquitos...
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Sean Doolittle

Look: Pitcher Sean Doolittle's Reasons For Not Wanting Sports To Re-Open Yet

Washington Nationals pitcher SEAN DOOLITTLE posted a long list of concerns on Twitter about baseball re-opening too soon.
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wrong guy

Reasons Women Keep Falling For The Wrong Guy

Women often fall for the wrong guy, and here are some reasons WHY.
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Couples Arguing

The Top Reasons Married Couples Argue

The most common reasons married couples argue are...
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Look: Dumb Reasons For Getting Fired

Have you ever been fired from a job for a ridiculous reason? Now's the time to share it. The hashtag "#AndThenIWasFired" is trending on Twitter, and people are sharing the dumbest reason they were ever canned from a job. Here are some highlights... 1. "[I> once took 14 days off to see Phish and...
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Reasons To Take A Road Trip This Fall

Here's how to do an autumn ROAD TRIP right... 1. Seek out the fall foliage. Fall leaves and all their incredible colors are something you can only get this time of year. In most areas, the autumn colors peak in mid-October, but it really depends on the weather. (Here's an interactive map for 2019...
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Why We Will Or Won't Go To Social Events

According to a new survey, the average person goes to around 8,640 social events in their adult life, and that averages out to about three a week for 55 years. The survey also found the top reasons that motivate us to leave the house and go do something social... 1. Getting to catch up with someone...
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Reasons We Are Excited About Fall

Fall is basically here, and a new survey asked people what they're excited about for the change to fall... 1. The change in the weather, 44%. 2. Football coming back, 37%. 3. Pumpkin spice foods and drinks, 37%. 4. The leaves changing colors, 35%. 5. Lower electric bills, 29%. 6. Going apple...
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Watch: Why We Can't Get A Good Night's Sleep

A new survey found the average American only gets 10 really good nights of sleep a month. And the top things we do when we can't sleep are watch TV, switch positions in bed, read, and check social media. Video of Here's why three in five Americans frequently have trouble sleeping
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Good And Bad Reasons For Buying A New Car

A former car salesman recently got on Reddit and talked about the most common reasons people gave for needing a new car. Here are two good reasons he heard all the time, and two bad reasons... Bad Reason #1: You want a new car, because it's a status symbol. In other words, it's just an ego thing...
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