Look: Alligator On Alligator Raft

A guy was renting a house in Miami, Florida over the weekend, and when he looked out at the pool, he saw there was an ALLIGATOR in it. And it was riding on top of an inflatable alligator pool raft. (Local10.com) A wildlife management company came out and got the gator out of the pool. Click Here to...
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Watch: Grandma Can't Get On Pool Raft

A family posted a montage of their grandma trying, and often failing, to get onto large inflatable rafts in the swimming pool and the beach. She wears silly hats and costumes, and even dances for the camera. Click Here to watch the video.
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Watch: Grandmas Struggle To Get Off Raft

Somebody posted video of two elderly women as they struggle to get out of a large inflatable raft in the water. It takes two people to help one of them get off the thing. Video of Women Struggle to Get out of Inflatable Raft - 995017
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