Watch: Jada Pinkett Questions Will Smith's Drinking On Her Talk Show

Jada Pinkett has an interesting exchange with her husband Will smith on the upcoming episode of her online show "Red Table Talk". She asks him, quote, "How often are you drinking alcohol?" And he replies, quote, "That's my personal business . . . I respect that it's your show, but at the end of the...
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The "Jeopardy!" Questions That James Holzhauer Got Wrong

"Jeopardy!" champion JAMES HOLZHAUER may be unbeatable, but he's not infallible. As of Wednesday night, he'd gotten 27 questions wrong. Here are 10 of them: 1. A 2016 interview with this "Batman" actor found him looking sad; the internet then made him the meme we deserve. James: Who is Christian...
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The Most Googled "Should I" Questions In Each State

A new study found the question starting with "Should I" that people Google the most in every state. And here are some highlights... 1. "Should I have a baby?" in Pennsylvania. 2. "Should I nap?" in Virginia. 3. "Should I cut my hair?" in Arizona, New Jersey, North Carolina, and Ohio. 4. "Should I...
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Nagging Questions That Instantly Stress Us Out

According to the survey, here are the Top 10 nagging questions that can instantly stress us out. And most of them have to do with forgetting stuff at home... 1. "Did I lock the front door?" 2. "Do I have my phone?" 3. "Do I have my keys?" 4. "Do we have anything to make for dinner?" 5. "Did I leave...
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The Hardest Questions People Hear In Job Interviews

82% of people say the job hunting process is stressful, according to a new survey, and it takes an average of about five months of work and rejection to find a new job. One reason it takes so long? 57% have had an interview go poorly. So the survey also found the 10 questions that are most likely...
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Singer Tori Kelly attends the Project Sunshine's 15th Annual Benefit Celebration at Cipriani 42nd Street on May 3, 2018 in New York City.

Watch Tori Kelly Perform "Questions" on Good Morning America

Tori Kelly, singer-songwriter just performed her first single, "Questions," off of her sophomore album, 'Hiding Place.'
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Rihanna attending the European premiere of Oceans 8, held at the Cineworld in Leicester Square, London. / Drake / Zedd

5 Things In Music We Never Figured Out

Bruno Mars and Cardi B are drippin' in finesse, you can't touch MC Hammer (or his pants), Michael Jackson does not love Billie Jean,...
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