Watch: Record-Breaking Penny Pyramid Cashed In

A guy in Arizona who spent three years building a record-breaking pyramid made out of over one million pennies has cashed it in for $10,303.15. Click Here to see more and watch the video.
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Watch: World Record Penny Pyramid

A guy in Arizona has spent the past three years putting more than one million pennies in a pyramid to try to set a Guinness World Record. Video of World Record Penny Pyramid - 1,030,315 pennies Guinness World Record
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Watch: Champagne Glasses Pyramid Fail

Somebody in Russia posted video of a fancy party with classical musicians and a huge pyramid of empty champagne glasses stacked on a table. Then some guy pops two bottles of bubbly and starts pouring, but he bumps one of the glasses and it causes the whole pyramid to topple. Сбербанк. Прямо сейчас...
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