Watch: Police Rescue Woman Being Pulled By Train

Security video from Indonesia shows a cop rescuing a woman who fell between a moving train and the platform. She's running to jump onboard but slips and starts getting pulled under. The police officer was able to grab her top and yank her away. She suffered minor injuries to her legs. Click Here to...
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Watch: Batman Gets Pulled Over

Some guy posted cell phone video from his car of Batman, in a Batmobile, getting pulled over by police. The officer gets out and has a few words with Batman, and then he seems to let him go with just a warning. Video of Batman Gets Pulled Over || ViralHog
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Watch: Woman Feeding Sharks Gets Pulled In

A woman in Australia was on the back of a yacht with some friends who were feeding sharks by tossing fish into the water. But she got too close and one shark GRABBED her finger and pulled her into the water. A guy was able to yank her back into the boat before anything serious could happen...
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