Cardinals Baseball

MLB's "Summer Slugger" Learning Program For Kids

Check out a great online learning program for your KIDS from Major League Baseball.
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Blues Sweater

Look: Chipotle's "Wear Your Hockey Jersey" Program

Chipotle has a deal if you wear a hockey jersey to their store on Friday.
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Beer Snow

Look: Busch's "Free Beer For Every Inch Of Snow" Program

Busch Beer just announced a new program where they'll be giving free beer to people in Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, North Dakota, Nebraska, New York, and Wisconsin . . . a $1 refund on Busch beer for every inch of snow through the end of March. As the snow falls, so does the price of Busch. For every...
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Santa Lap

Autism Speaks' Santa Cares Program

This year, the charity Autism Speaks partnered with a group called Cherry Hill Programs that works with mall Santas. And over 500 stores and malls offered special events JUST for kids with autism. Over the past month, 582 shopping centers across the U.S. and Canada took part in about 750 events. A...
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Pepsi's Loyalty Program

Pepsi has a new rewards program where they'll deposit money into your Venmo account if you buy one of their drinks and one of their bags of chips within 48 hours of each other. Click Here to see more.
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Boston Market's Rewards Program

Boston Market is giving someone ONE TON of a side dish in honor of their new rewards program. The first person to get 10,000 points by spending $10,000 will get 2,000 pounds of mac and cheese, mashed potatoes, or any other side either over time, or in one giant bowl. Click Here to see more.
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Apple is offering $1 million to anyone who can crack a specific iPhone hack

(KYKY) - Apple is offering to pay $1 million to anyone who can get to the core of Apple's iOS operating system and gain control of an iPhone without requiring any user interaction (carry out what is known as a zero-click full chain kernel execution attack). Apple is giving a $1 million reward to...
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Watch: Natural Light Summer Intern Program

Natural Light is launching a nationwide search for their summer intern, but they’re not looking for someone who’s “traditionally qualified.” They're looking for someone who’s NATTY-QUALIFIED . Video of Summer Intern Recruitment Video
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Viral Video: Preschool Program: Gus Thinks Out Loud

A kid in a preschool performance blurts out that he practiced in the car.
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