Watch: McDonald's Poster Models Prank

Two guys in Houston were at a McDonald's in July and they noticed a blank wall. So they made a fake ad featuring themselves, had it printed, snuck it into the store, hung it up, and now, almost two months later, it's still up. Video of We Became McDonalds Poster Models
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Watch: Suspicious Plant Prank

A field reporter in England was talking about cannabis plants found in a cottage across the street. Then a guy walks out carrying a plant, sees the crew, and runs. It's not a marijuana plant but the reporter is too fazed to know he's been pranked. Video of Youth seen carrying suspicious plant...
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Watch: Car Crashed Through School Senior Prank

A group of high school kids in Wisconsin pulled off a pretty good senior prank the other day. They took the back half of an old car, and made it look like it had crashed through the wall of their principal's office. It looked so real from the outside of the building, even the police were impressed...
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Viral Video: Aluminum Foil April Fools' Day Prank

A woman posted video of the April Fools' Day prank her daughter played on her. The girl wrapped almost everything in her mom's bedroom in aluminum foil. We're talking the bed, pillows, tables, artwork, and several pairs of shoes. Video of Awesome April Fools Prank || ViralHog
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Viral Video: Mom's Fake Tongue Prank

A mom in Ohio pranked her two young kids by putting a fake tongue on the floor and holding her mouth as if she couldn't talk. When the kids see the tongue, it scares the daylights out of them and they take off running and crying. Video of Mom Drops Fake Tongue and Scares Kids || ViralHog
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Viral Video: NBA's Anthony Davis' Unibrow Shaving Prank

NBA player Anthony Davis has always been BROWED AND PROUD, so when he posted a video of himself shaving his unibrow, some people were shocked. It was pretty convincing, but it turned out to be a prank. The people have spoken, time for a little change... — Anthony Davis (@...
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