Movie Soundtracks That Are More Popular Than The Movie

Are these soundtracks really more popular than their movies?
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Valentine's Day Candy

The Most Popular Valentine's Day Candy In Every State

Here are the MOST POPULAR Valentine's Day candies in each state.
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Super Bowl Food

The Most Popular Super Bowl Food In Every State

Here are the MOST POPULAR Super Bowl FOOD in every state.
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SB party

The Most Popular Super Bowl Foods

Here are the MOST POPULAR FOODS that people will be serving this year at their Super Bowl parties.
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Netflix's "Most Popular" Of 2019

Netflix doesn't release a lot of specific ratings numbers, but they've put out several lists of their most popular releases last year... The Top 10 Most Popular Movie Releases of 2019: 1. "Murder Mystery" 2. The Ryan Reynolds action thriller "6 Underground" 3. "The Incredibles 2" 4. "The Irishman"...
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Christmas Cookies

The Most Popular Christmas Cookies In Each State

General Mills just figured out the most popular Christmas cookie in every state by analyzing all of the traffic to their three main recipe websites: BettyCrocker.com, Pillsbury.com, and Tablespoon.com. The most popular cookies are Peanut Butter Blossoms, which won seven states. Sugar Cookie M&M...
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Pet Names

The Most Popular Pet Names For 2019

Rover.com just released the results of its study into the most popular dog and cat names of 2019. And here's what they found . . . Female dogs: Bella . . . Luna . . . Lucy . . . Daisy . . . Lily. Male dogs: Max . . . Charlie . . . Cooper . . . Buddy . . . Rocky. Female cats: Luna . . . Bella . . ...
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Baby Names

The Most Popular Baby Names Of 2019

BabyNames.com calculated the most popular names of the year based on how often expecting parents added them to their "favorites" list. The top 10 names for boys are: Liam . . . Oliver . . . Theodore . . . Declan . . . Henry . . . Owen . . . Finn . . . Caleb . . . Emmett . . . and Benjamin. And the...
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Friendsgiving Or Thanksgiving

According to a new survey, young adults now actually PREFER Friendsgiving dinners to Thanksgiving dinner. 68% of people between 18 and 38 say they would rather do Friendsgiving over the traditional family dinner. And here's why... 1. Friendsgiving is more social. 2. They get to avoid personal...
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The Most Popular Thanksgiving Main Courses And Side Dishes

Thanksgiving is about three weeks away and we're already focused on the food. A new survey asked people to name their three favorite Thanksgiving main courses, and three favorite side dishes... Here are the results for main courses... 1. Turkey, 84%. 2. Ham, 56%. 3. Chicken, 32%. 4. Beef, 24%. 5...
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