Look: Woman Coats Car In Cow Poop To Keep It Cool

A guy in Ahmedabad, India posted a picture of his neighbor's car on Facebook on Monday. It was over 110 degrees outside, so to keep cool, she covered her entire car in COW POOP. It's not clear if that actually DOES keep a car cool, or what that smells like in that heat. But in rural parts of India...
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Look: Play-Doh's "Poop Troop"

Play-Doh's newest product is called "Poop Troop" and lets kids make poop shapes that have eyes. Like a poop emoji. Who's in your Poop Troop?! From giggle-worthy poop monsters to creations like the famous emojis, kids can create a rainbow of their own hilarious Play-Doh characters with the new Play-...
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Watch: Dog Owner Shamed For Not Picking Up Poop In Airport

This happened last week, but it's everywhere now. A guy in the Denver airport took cell phone video of a woman who let her dog poop on the floor, but didn't clean it up. She's on the phone when he asks her about it, but she just flips him the bird. Video of Dog owner shamed for not picking up poop...
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