Lil Wayne Blows Off St. Louis After Altercation at The Ritz in Clayton

CLAYTON, Mo. (Y98) - Rapper Lil Wayne canceled his St. Louis show planned for Saturday night, after an early-morning incident at The Ritz-Carlton hotel in Clayton. Lil Wayne tweeted that he was, "just kicked out of the Ritz and 12 got involved, so I gotta slide." He says, "Y'all (mess) with me out...
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Todd Barrick Jr. aka Walter White look-alike

Illinois man, Walter White look-alike wanted by police

GALESBURG, Ill. (KYKY) — "He is the one who knocks." That's what one Facebook user commented on a mugshot of a man posted by the Galesburg Police Department . Many are noting the bald and goateed 50-year-old resembles Bryan Cranston's character in the AMC crime-thriller "Breaking Bad," Walter White...
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Courtney's Canine Clips: Dog Imitates Police Siren

Enjoy a video from Germany of a dog hearing the siren of an emergency vehicle, and then doing a pretty good imitation of it. Video of Dog Sings the Siren Song || ViralHog
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Watch: Police Officer Breakdances With 7-Year-Old

When 7-year-old Jayden Anthony put his breakdancing moves on display in Denver earlier this week, he didn’t know he’d have some serious competition from a police officer.
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Look: Thrown Dirty Diaper Hits Police Car

A driver in Indiana threw his baby's DIRTY DIAPER out of his window on the interstate on Sunday and it hit a POLICE CAR. The guy got a ticket for littering. Littering is always bad.... Littering by throwing a used diaper out of the car window right in front of a police officer is asking for a...
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Mom Was Shocked After Finding Out Her Baby Formula Was Mixed With Flour

(Y98) - Police are investigating reports of sick kids who ate baby formula that was allegedly replaced with flour. One woman said she didn't realize it until after her child was crying, vomiting and refusing her bottle, according to North Carolina news reports . WCNC reported, the mother of a nine-...
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Look: Burglar Covers Self In Mud To Hide From Police

Police in Kansas tracked down a guy who broke into a house on Friday even after he covered himself completely in mud to try to hide. They arrested him and took pictures of him covered in mud, and he's facing several charges. (CJOnline.com) Click Here to see more.
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girl using smartphone

Parents beware: Predators are using these 15 apps to target your child

(KYKY) — As technology such as smart devices have permeated nearly all aspects of our daily lives, precautions about best practices have also followed. Recently the Sarasota County Sheriff's Office in Florida arrested 25 men who were lurking on the internet with the intent to engage in sexually...
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Cop apologizes after accusing McDonald's of eating the sandwich he 'forgot' he ate himself

(Y98) - An Indiana sheriff's deputy accused a McDonald's employee of taking a bite out of his sandwich – even though he was the one who took the bite himself The Marion County Sheriff's deputy, identified only as "DJ" in press reports, tells the local NBC affiliate he bought the sandwich in the...
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Police Replace Parking Ticket Fees With Donations For Shelter Pets

(Y98) - Having to pay a parking ticket isn't fun, but what might take the sting out a little bit is knowing the funds go directly to a pet-friendly cause. One city's scofflaws didn't mind as much when shelling out. Kicking off a pilot program to help fund a local animal shelter, police in Muncie,...
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