Kurt Warner

Zachary Levi To Play Kurt Warner In "American Underdog"

Zachary Levi is set to star in a new movie about Kurt Warner!
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Serena Williams

Watch: Serena Williams Confirms She Will Play At 2020 U.S. Open

Yesterday, Serena Williams confirmed that she WILL play this summer at the U.S. Open.
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musci festival

Look: Play On Fest

Warner Music is doing a three-day music festival this weekend with archival live performances from over 65 artists.
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Watch: Seniors Play Real Life Hungry Hungry Hippos

Seniors are among the most vulnerable people to the coronavirus, but they’re still taking time to have some fun while being socially distant.
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Nativity Play

Look: Girl Accidentally Flips Off Nativity Play Crowd

A five-year-old girl in England is going viral for accidentally flipping off the crowd for an entire Nativity play. Little girl doesn’t realize she’s ‘flipping the bird’ during entire nativity play — New York Post (@nypost) December 17, 2019
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Girl Playing With Toys

Letting Your Child Play Alone

Lu recently transitioned into a new room at school and we like to ask her questions about her new room, teachers, and friends. She may tell us she played with a certain toy or read a certain book and I will ask if any of her friends joined her. Sometimes she will say yes and sometimes she says no...
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Why Tom Hanks Doesn't Play Bad Guys

In an interview with the "New York Times", he says, quote, "It's because I never get them, because bad guys, by and large, require some degree of malevolence that I don't think I can fake." He adds, quote, "I recognized in myself a long time ago that I don't instill fear in anybody. Now, that's...
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Nativity Play Role Predicts Future Salary

We've got the results of a new study out of England that managed to make a connection between a kid's role in their school or church's NATIVITY PLAY to their future average salary. Here are the future salaries you can expect based on your kid's role... Ox, $55,000-a-year . . . Gabriel, $51,200...
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The Toys You And Your Kids Played With

Here are the top 10 toys both parents and their kids played with when they were growing up... Play-Doh . . . Mr. Potato Head . . . troll dolls . . . My Little Pony . . . Furby . . . puzzles . . . a toy phone . . . Bop It . . . building blocks (Legos) . . . and bicycles. Where are Star Wars, super...
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Watch: Colin Kaepernick "Still Ready" To Play

Colin Kaepernick posted a training video he did with Odell Beckham Jr. with the hashtag "Still Ready." From putting in work predraft, to staying ready against the odds! Love to my Brother @obj - #StillReady --: @REL @djtonedef @GaryNgUSC — Colin Kaepernick (@Kaepernick7)...
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