Photo: Olive Garden's Meatball Pizza Bowl

The newest item at Olive Garden is the Meatball Pizza Bowl. It's an edible bowl made out of pizza dough that's filled with cheese, sauce, and 10 MEATBALLS. (Olive Garden) It costs $9, and comes with unlimited salad and breadsticks . . . because you probably need unlimited breadsticks as a side dish...
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National Pizza Day

Today is National Pizza Day. Here are some results from a new survey celebrating the "holiday".. 1. 57% of people say they LOVE pizza . . . 41% say they wouldn't go as far as to say they love it, but they like it a lot . . . and 2% say they hate pizza. How can you hate pizza 2. 30% of us eat pizza...
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Photo: Pizza Box License Plate

A driver in Massachusetts was busted for driving with a license plate made out of a pizza box and magic marker??!!
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