Look: College Kid Spends Spring Break Picking Up Beach Trash

A 19-year-old freshman at the University of West Georgia is going viral after he spent his spring break in Miami picking up trash on the beach. Happening now: Meet Joshua from Atlanta ( @boppay ), he’s going through the Miami Beach crowds picking up trash. @MiamiBeachPD ’s @PaulAcostaMBPD met with...
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Watch: Dog Owner Shamed For Not Picking Up Poop In Airport

This happened last week, but it's everywhere now. A guy in the Denver airport took cell phone video of a woman who let her dog poop on the floor, but didn't clean it up. She's on the phone when he asks her about it, but she just flips him the bird. Video of Dog owner shamed for not picking up poop...
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Picking Your Nose

According to a new survey, one out of three people say they NEVER pick their nose. That includes 39% of women and 25% of men. 58% of people admit they pick their nose, but they only do it in private. And 5% don't care WHAT society thinks because they pick theirs in public. Click Here to see more.
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