The Important Phrases To Use In Your Relationship

Here are some key phrases you should be saying in your realtionship to keep it healthy... 1. "I like you just the way you are." You shouldn't try to force each other to change too much . . . because it probably won't happen regardless. So work on accepting them. And earn some brownie points by...
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Common Phrases You Might Be Saying Wrong

We found a list of a bunch of words and phrases you might be mispronouncing. Here are five that can REALLY make you sound not so smart... 1. "Scapegoat." Some people say "ESCAPE goat." But a scapegoat is someone who takes the blame. And saying "ESCAPE goat" sounds like you're talking about a loose...
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The Most Annoying Phrases People Use In Email

A new survey asked people for the most ANNOYING phrases that people use in their work emails. Here are the top nine... 1. "Not sure if you saw my last email." 2. "Per my last email." 3. "Per our conversation." 4. "Any update on this?" 5. "Sorry for the double email." 6. "Please advise." 7. "As...
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3-Word Phrases That People Can't Stand

Are you capable of getting really annoyed in the space of three words? Apparently a whole lot of people are, because Twitter users flocked to the site on Thursday with several suggestions for #3WordsICannotStand. Below are 14 highlights; click on the link for many more: Starring Adam Sandler New...
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Phrases People Find Annoying

On Friday, several Twitter users shared their least favorite phrases. Here are some highlights: No disrespect, but... YOLO Relax, it's not a big deal Witch hunt Let me be totally honest It is what it is Everything happens for a reason ​What's yours?
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The Most Annoying Office Phrases

According to a new survey, 72% of us sometimes use annoying cliché phrases at work, even though we should know better. And here are the ones we say the most... 1. Give 110%. 2. Think outside the box. 3. Hammer it out. 4. Heavy lifting. 5. Throw you under the bus. 6. Don't count your chickens before...
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More Misused Phrases

Yesterday, we had five commonly misused phrases that can make you sound dumb, and today, we've got five more fresh ones for you... 1. It's a "mute point" should be "it's a MOOT point" . . . spelled M-O-O-T. Obviously "mute" means to silence something. "Moot" means something that's insignificant. 2...
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Misused Phrases

Here are five phrases people misuse all the time that can instantly make you sound dumb... 1. "For all intensive purposes." The correct way to say it is, "For all intents AND purposes." "Intents" as in intentions. 2. "I could care less" should be "I COULDN'T care less." If you COULD care less, that...
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Photo: Phrases Banned At The Masters

A few days back, there was talk that 'Dilly Dilly' was included on a list of phrases that were banned from the Masters this weekend, and if anyone shouted them during play, security would immediately kick them out. Now, the site SkratchTV claims it has the full, 'official list' of phrases banned at...
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