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5 ways having a pet positively affects your children

(KYKY) — Parents that are considering adding a dog or cat to their family could be making a positive impact on their child. Here are five ways how: Having to care for a pet helps a child build a sense of responsibility and helps them build confidence. Caring for a pet can also teach a child about...
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Toddler Takes Pet Goldfish Out to Cuddle... and You Can Imagine What Happened Next

A little boy loved his pet goldfish so much, he fished him out of his tank for a cuddle. Everett didn't know taking his fish, Nemo, out of his tank would end up killing his pet. The toddler's mom, Tori Hamlin, caught the tragic moment on camera after she went to check on her boy and noticed Nemo...
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Illinois is the Top State Protecting Its Pets

The Animal Legal Defense Fund has released its yearly list of where states rank in animal protection laws and Illinois is at the top - first place for the 11th year in a row. Missouri is in the middle. Kentucky is last. The rankings look at how tough the laws and statutes are in each state, for...
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Holiday Leftovers You Should Avoid Giving Your Pet

We have all seen it, our pet's big, cute eyes staring up at us wanting some holiday leftovers. Even though it is easy to cave in this situation, veterinarians in Australia say you should avoid giving your pets leftovers this Christmas. "We've seen a spike in Christmas and Easter hospital...
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What Thanksgiving Scraps Can I Give My Dog?

Know what you can and can't treat your pets with this holiday season.
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