The Summer Events People Have Canceled

The most common summer events that people are canceling include...
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The Big Events We Have Missed During Lockdown

Some of the BIG events that people have missed during lockdown include...
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stress reduction

The Ways People Are Reducing Their Stress Right Now

The most common ways that people are coping with STRESS right now are...
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Social Things People Miss Most From Pre-Coronavirus Life

Here are the social things people miss the most from life before the pandemic...
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The TV Shows People Started Watching While Social Distancing

A list of the shows people have started watching while social-distancing includes...
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food delivery

Ways To Help Out Grocery Delivery People

Several things that food delivery workers want you to STOP doing in the coronavirus pandemic include...
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working from home

Tips From People Used To Working At Home

Someone polled over 3,000 people who worked from home BEFORE the crisis, and asked them for tips.
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Toilet Paper

Dumb Products That People Have Hoarded

A list of DUMB products that people have immediately hoarded includes...
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girl listening to music

The Age Most People Discover Their Favorite Band

The age when most people discover their FAVORITE band is...
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Valentine's Meal

What People Really Want For Valentine's Day Dinner

Here's what people really want for Valentine's Day dinner.
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