state hate

The States People Hate The Most

What are the most HATED states by the people who live in them?
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Do You Drink More Coffee Than These Famous People?

Do you drink more or less coffee than these famous people?
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Dr. Fauci

"Time" Magazine's Most Influential People Of 2020

Some of "Time" magazine's MOST INFLUENTIAL PEOPLE for 2020 include...
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speeding car

The Cars People Who Speed Drive

The cars that people who SPEED drive include...
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lunch break

What People Actually Do On Their Lunch Break

Only one in five people use their lunch break to actaully EAT lunch.
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Ways People Are Trying To Actually Sleep During The Pandemic

The majority of Americans say the stress from the pandemic has had a negative effect on their sleep.
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The States With The Most Attractive People

The states with the MOST ATTRACTIVE people are...
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The New Emojis People Use Most

The new EMOJIS that people use the most include...
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The Most Common Lifestyle Changes People Make When They Become Parents

The most common lifestyle CHANGES that people make when they become parents include...
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The Summer Events People Have Canceled

The most common summer events that people are canceling include...
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