Vote: Who Did It Better? Demi Lovato or Me?

Doesn't my gingerbread house look delicious? (Top picture) Pretty much an exact Frank Lloyd Wright replica. Would you believe I spent over an hour working on that beautiful monument? My icing was NOT doing the trick! Nothing would stick and stay up. Near the end of the sixty-eight minutes, I...
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Piper Perabo Speaking Out Loudly

Earlier today I was punching around on my radio and I found myself just 1.0 degree down the dial from Y98. It was our sister station 97.1 KFTK. My attention got piqued because it sounded like a dude was giving a speech in a big room but you could barely hear him because of the shouting someone was...
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2 October 2012 - Hollywood, California - Bristol Palin with her siste Piper Palin and guest.

New Teen Mom OG Star Bristol Palin Worried About $$

Oh, following the love life of Bristol Palin (Sarah’s Daughter) can be challenging: a couple baby daddies, fiancé’s and 3 beautiful kids. Actually that wasn’t too hard at all. But there’s more and you’ll be able to see it front and center on MTV this fall. 27-year-old Bristol Palin is the newest...
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Coping With A Family Pet Dying

Lately, we've had quite few Y98 folks deal with the loss of a beloved pet. You just feel so sad for them. I asked Dr. Kelly Ryan, Director of Animal Medical Center of Mid-America , why it hurts so much to lose a pet? She talked about how huge our animals are to us for so long and said “It’s such an...
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Don't Eat Lunch At Your Desk, Eat Here!

We’ve talked about how important it is to eat lunch during the workday. The health benefits are pretty cool and it’s a big kick to office productivity too. But where can we conduct this incredible feat. Studies show those who eat lunch alone at their desks eat more fatty foods all day and at lunch...
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