Paul Cook

Mich Hancock Founder TEDx Saint Louis

The Chilling Story of An Adoption Worst Case Scenario

Mich Hancock adopts a sociopath. She founded TEDx Saint Louis.
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Paul's Podcast

Listen To "Life After Lemons with Paul Cook"

New podcast Life After Lemons with Paul Cook
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Powfu Coffee For Your Head

Paul Zooms with POWFU

Powfu with Paul Cook at Y98/St. Louis - talked Jenga and John B from Outer Banks
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Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp Introduced Weed To His Daughter At 13

Johnny Depp Introduced Weed To His 13 Year Old before his marriage to Amber Heard.
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Boardwalk Hardwood Floors

The Best Way To Add Value To Your Home

Putting new hardwood floors in your home is the improvement investment most guaranteed to payoff if you sell your home.
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Paul Cook Zooms

Noah Cyrus Talks To Paul About Mental Illness and Body Image

Noah Cyrus Talks To Paul About Mental Illness and Body Image, And About Being Miley's Little Sister (But Don't Ask Her)
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I Think I Have The HSP Trait!

I was so surprised to learn "Highly Sensitive Personality" is a trait not a "condition" or a negative.
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stock plastic surgeon pic

Celebs Flock To Plastic Surgeons During Covid-19

Are St. Louis celebrities getting work done during Covid-19 like in Beveryly Hills?
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Cover art from book UNDER PRESSURE

Paul Recommends Book on Adolescent Anxiety: Under Pressure

Paul Recommends Book on Teen Anxiety: Under Pressure
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Heat up St. Louis

Heat Up St. Louis 2020

Y98's Paul Cook went to Heat-Up St. Louis for breakfast. This is the 20th year that Heat-Up St. Louis has been helping the needy with utility assistance in the St. Louis region, impacting the lives of more than 660,000 needy people, and there is no better way to kick off the year than with the...
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