Watch: Community Entertains Homebound Cancer Patient Through His Window

There's a three-year-old kid near Boston who's fighting cancer, and can't go outside because his immune system is shot. So people in his community have been showing up at his window, just to entertain him. He's met everyone from jugglers and musicians to Superman. Video of Community Entertain Kid...
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Watch: Hospital Patient Rides Hoverboard

Somebody took cell phone video of a hospital patient riding a hoverboard on a sidewalk in Birmingham, Alabama. The guy's wearing a hospital gown and has IV bags hanging down to his ankles. He eventually stops at an intersection, and then goes diagonally across the street to the hospital. Video of...
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The Most Patient Generation

According to a new study, the most PATIENT generation is . . . millennials. It turns out that people under 35 are willing to wait on hold with customer service for 38% longer than people who are 55 and older. And the study also found millennials are less likely to get ANGRY and confrontational if...
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