Watch: Woman's Great Reaction After Passing The Bar Exam

This video was posted a couple of weeks ago, but it's gone viral now. It's a woman named Arielle Williams reacting to the news that she passed the Illinois Bar Exam. She can barely contain her joy and almost passes out she's so happy.
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Watch: Cardinals Announce The Passing Of Red Schoendienst

Sadly, the Cardinals announced the passing of legendary player and manager Red Schoendienst last night. Video of Cardinals announce the passing of Red Schoendienst
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How To Overcome Embarrassment When Passing Gas In Public

A new study figured out the quickest way to get over your embarrassment when you PASS GAS in public. And it is: Put yourself in the other people's shoes, and think about how much empathy they have toward you in this humiliating situation. Click Here to see more.
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