Ways To Stay Close To Your Partner During A Fight

A recent study at Berkeley found too much fighting can potentially lead to heart issues. But shutting down emotionally isn't good either, because it builds tension and causes issues like stiff muscles or a bad back. So here are three tips from relationship experts that can help you be more mindful...
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How Often You Talk To Your Partner When You Are At Work

When you're in a relationship, do you consider yourself needy, or pretty independent? A new poll asked almost 4,000 people how often they text or talk to their significant other while they're at work. Here are the results... 1. 5% of people said they check in once an HOUR. 2. 9% say once every...
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Would You Dump Your Partner For More Free Time?

A new survey asked women what they'd do to have a little more free time each day. And 11% would DUMP their husband or boyfriend if it meant they could have more time to get things accomplished. Here are four more stats from the survey... 1. The average woman says they'd need an extra 82 minutes a...
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