The Careers Parents Do And Do Not Want Their Kids Going Into

A new survey asked 2,000 parents what careers they want to see their kids go into when they grow up, and the results basically say computers are good, interacting with people is bad. Here are the top five careers we want for our kids... 1. Engineering, 48% of parents. 2. Coding, 45%. 3. Finance, 39...
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School Dress Code For Parents

James Madison High School in Houston just implemented a dress code for PARENTS. The principal sent out a letter telling parents they need to dress more appropriately when they're dropping off or picking up their kids which includes a ban on pajamas, slippers, jeans with rips on the butt, and short...
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Bullseye's Playground Target toys recalled

Target recalls wooden toys for choking hazard

(KYKY) — Attention parents: Target is recalling around 500,000 wooden toy vehicles they believe could cause choking. The toys in question were sold in 8-packs and include the Bullseye Playground vehicles. The vehicles in the package are a caboose, Santa in a sleigh, ice cream truck/food truck,...
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Parents Driving Their Kids To School Cause Way Longer Commutes And More Accidents

We're getting close to the end of the school year, which could make everyone's mornings easier. Yes, even if you don't have kids. A new study found that the roads are WAY more jammed in the mornings during the school year, and it's all because parents are taking their kids to school. Check out...
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Michael Phelps swimming with baby

Michael Phelps reveals tip for parents swimming with their children

(KYKY) — The most decorated Olympian of all-time, Michael Phelps, knows a thing or two about swimming and has shared one tip that will help your child become a confident swimmer; that's to get your child comfortable getting their face wet and head submerged in water. Phelps told Business Insider ,...
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Major Cities Where Adults Still Live With Their Parents

Over a THIRD of teenagers don't think they'll be financially independent by the time they turn 30. And only 53% said it's one of their top money-related goals. Getting a full-time job is #1, followed by graduating from college. A separate study also looked at how many people between 25 and 40...
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The Age You Turn Into Your Parents

A new study found exactly when people turn into their parents. The researchers found that the average woman starts turning into her mother at 33 . . . and the average man starts turning into his father at 34. So what does that mean? For women, the biggest signs are they start acting more maternal...
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Ridiculous Lies Parents Tell To Make Their Kids Behave

omeone online asked people to name the most ridiculous LIES their parents used to make them behave. Here are a few favorites... 1. To make them stop eating in bed, someone's parents told them that if they ate lying down, they'd turn into a snake. 2. A woman wouldn't eat beef when she was a kid, but...
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The Words Parents Use So Not To Swear

A recent survey asked 2,000 parents for alternate words and phrases they use, so they don't curse in front of their kids. Here are ten popular answers... 1. "What the frog." 2. "Sugar," instead of the S-word. 3. "Oh muck." 4. "Shitake mushrooms." 5. "Mother-SMUCKER." 6. "Oh, cheeses," instead of "...
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Beware Parents: Mom Finds Harmful Instructions in Cartoons on Youtube

A mother recently discovered cartoons on YouTube and YouTube Kids that provided tips on how to harm themselves. The few seconds of suicide instructions were found in between clips of the popular Nintendo game Splatoon, Scary Mommy reports . In the middle of the cartoon, a man with sunglasses is...
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