Courtney's Cat Clips: Cats Hate Owners' Singing

A New Jersey woman named Liz Kronyak has been posting videos of her cat attacking her when she sings. She's been doing it for a while and she changes the songs, so you know it's the singing, not the song. But that's not the only song-hating cat. Some guy posted a clip back in March of his cat who...
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Two Dogs

Illinois is the Top State Protecting Its Pets

The Animal Legal Defense Fund has released its yearly list of where states rank in animal protection laws and Illinois is at the top - first place for the 11th year in a row. Missouri is in the middle. Kentucky is last. The rankings look at how tough the laws and statutes are in each state, for...
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Watch: Courtney's Cat Clips: Cat Owners And Cat Videos

According to a new survey, the average cat person checks out 725 cat videos and pictures per YEAR. Assuming you started around 2007, when social media and cat mania really took off, that would bring you up near 8,000 videos by now. Here's just one of my favorites... Video of Charlie Schmidt&#...
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