dog on car horn

Watch: Dog Uses Car Horn

Somebody in Australia posted video of a dog sitting in the driver's seat of a parked car and honking the horn over and over. He keeps the beeping going until his owner shows up and lets him out. I used to do the same when mum went in to the supermarket without me. -- Surprised he didn’t take off...
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Watch: Cats React As Owners Use The "Cat Filter"

Somebody collected a bunch of clips showing cats reacting to their owners using the cat filter on their computer. It's usually the same setup. The owner sits at the computer, and they have the cat on their lap facing the screen. When the filter is turned on, the cats are completely confused. Their...
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Courtney's Canine Clips: Miracle Puppy Reunited With Owner 13 Days After Accident

A man in Arizona was reunited with his puppy after they were separated for two weeks in the desert after a car crash. Click Here to watch the video.
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Watch: Warriors Owner Who Shoved Raptors Player Gets Banned For One Year

The NBA banned a part-owner of the Golden State Warriors for ONE YEAR, after he shoved Kyle Lowry of the Toronto Raptors during Wednesday's game. Lowry says the guy also shouted obscenities at him. Video of Warriors investor who pushed Kyle Lowry banned 1 year, fined $500,000 | SportsCenter
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Maximum Security Owner Challenges Kentucky Derby Contenders To $20 Million Rematch

The owner of the disqualified horse that finished first at the Kentucky Derby is challenging four other contenders to a rematch. If any of them beat Maximum Security in a race this year, he'll pay them $5 million. And if they don't, they'd have to pay him $5 million. But it's not clear if any of...
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Watch: Car Stolen As Owner Cleans In

Security video from a car wash in Tulsa, Oklahoma filmed a man stealing a couple's SUV WHILE they're cleaning it. A man is standing in front by the vacuum cleaner and a woman is working on the passenger side when it happens. The thief jumps in and starts pulling away. So the man tries to get back...
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Courtney's Canine Clips: Dog Watches Owner Dig Its Grave

A picture is going viral that shows a dog watching its owner DIG ITS GRAVE after being told the dog had to be put down. Fortunately, the vet re-checked the dog and it turns out he's fine. The vet told my dad on the phone (??) that his dog had to be put down and he’d come to his house and do it. My...
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Courtney's Canine Clips: Dog Owner Successfully Clones Her Dog

A woman in Seattle couldn't handle the idea of her toy poodle dying, so she paid $50,000 to have him CLONED. She got three identical copies of him, and she says she plans to keep on making clones of him so he can live forever. Click Here to see more.
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Watch: Dog Owner Shamed For Not Picking Up Poop In Airport

This happened last week, but it's everywhere now. A guy in the Denver airport took cell phone video of a woman who let her dog poop on the floor, but didn't clean it up. She's on the phone when he asks her about it, but she just flips him the bird. Video of Dog owner shamed for not picking up poop...
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Courtney's Cat Corner: Cat Freaks Out After Owner Disappears

Some guy did a "What the Fluff Challenge" with his cat, and it turned out pretty good because the cat totally freaks out while trying to figure out where he went. Video of Cat Freaks out After Owner Disappears - 992885
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