Coke Bottles

Listen: "Bona Fide Or Bogus" For National "Have A Coke" Day

The Wake Up with Jen and Tim plays "Bona Fide Or Bogus" for National "Have A Coke" Day.
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Stealing Or Not Stealing?

Is there any gray area when it comes to stealing? A bunch of people took an online poll on what counts as stealing and what doesn't. See if you agree... 1. A cashier fails to scan an item, and you don't mention it. 63% said yes, it's stealing. Also, if you fail to mention they gave you too much...
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Friendsgiving Or Thanksgiving

According to a new survey, young adults now actually PREFER Friendsgiving dinners to Thanksgiving dinner. 68% of people between 18 and 38 say they would rather do Friendsgiving over the traditional family dinner. And here's why... 1. Friendsgiving is more social. 2. They get to avoid personal...
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Pumpkin Spice Or Chocolate?

We're in pumpkin spice season right now, and ople clearly love the stuff. But do you like it more than chocolate? According to a new survey, it's close. 46% of people said they go for pumpkin spice over chocolate during this time of year. The survey also found two-thirds of people eat one to three...
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Pumpkin Spice Latte Or Hot Apple Cider?

A new survey asked people which they prefer: A Pumpkin Spice Latte or hot apple cider? And the winner is HOT APPLE CIDER, 31% to 25%. (Well, technically the winner is "I don't like either of them" at 37%, but that's no fun. And 7% of people went with "I don't know," which is even less fun.) Click...
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Foods We Bite Or Suck

A recent online survey asked about a bunch of different foods, and over a million people voted, on rather they BITE or SUCK them... 1. Ice cubes. It's almost a tie, but SUCKING wins. 51% suck, and 49% bite. 2. Orange slices. 73% bite them, and 27% suck. 3. Breath mints. 75% suck on them, and 25%...
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Watch: Petting A Rabbit Or A Raven?

There's an optical illusion making the rounds of someone petting a raven, but it kind of looks like they're petting a rabbit instead. Rabbits love getting stroked on their nose pic.twitter.com/aYOZGAY6kP — Dan Quintana -- (@dsquintana) August 18, 2019
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Taking A Trip With A Person Or Your Phone

According to a new survey by Expedia, 33% of Americans say they'd rather take a solo trip with just them and their phone than take a trip with another person. And whether it's really for alone time with their phone or not, solo trips ARE definitely getting more popular . . . 60% of people plan on...
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Watch: Thomas Rhett Accepts Hoda Kotb's "Dance Or Donate" Challenge

Thomas Rhett accepted Hoda Kotb's Dance or Donate Challenge by getting his groove on in front of 20,000 fans at his show in Pittsburgh. And he challenged Bruno Mars, Charlie Puth, and Luke Combs to do the same. Shout out to @hodakotb & @todayshow for nominating me for the #danceordonate...
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Watch: Bring In A Reusable Bag Or Get An Embarrassing One Instead

A grocery store in Vancouver is putting embarrassing things on plastic shopping bags to try to get people to bring reusable bags.
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