Look: Father's Nursing Assistant

A new breastfeeding device for DADS just debuted at South by Southwest. And it's a lot more high-tech than the ones we've seen before since it's kind of like if a robot had BREASTS. Except there's only one nipple, and the other breast is just a tank for the milk. ( It's called the...
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Look: Seniors Moving Into Holiday Inns Instead Of Nursing Homes

Some guy on Facebook recently made a pretty compelling case for why it might make sense for seniors to move into Holiday Inns instead of nursing homes. He found the average nursing home costs $188 per day, while the average Holiday Inn is only $60 a night. Plus they have pools, gyms, and other...
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Watch: Bengals Tailgate At Nursing Home

The Cincinnati Bengals held a tailgate party at a nursing home last night, before their game against the Ravens. Check out DRE KIRKPATRICK getting down with one of the residents. Bengals CB Dre Kirkpatrick hosted a tailgate party at a nursing home before tonight's game. This lady stole the show...
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