Things That Weren't Acceptable At Work Ten Years Ago

91% of senior managers in a recent survey agreed that most companies have loosened their rules in the workplace over the last decade. Here are the top five things that weren't acceptable 10 years ago, but are now... 1. Visible tattoos. 35% agreed they used to be unacceptable, but aren't anymore. 2...
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Watch: Not Impressed With Subway Singing Santas

Back on Monday we saw some heroic Santas from SantaCon take down a guy with a knife. Here's a video that features another group of Santas from SantaCon, and they're also on a subway, but this time they're simply singing a happy song. Seems festive and fun, right? Well, not to THIS guy. He's leaning...
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Beat Winter Depression By Not Eating Desserts

Researchers have figured out a way for you to get over those WINTER BLUES. Unfortunately, they say the key is to avoid SWEETS, including all the Christmas desserts you're looking forward to. The sugar can trigger processes in your body that are connected to depression and negativity. Click Here to...
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wrapping gift

Watch: Gift Wrapping Hack For Not Enough Wrapping Paper

Here's a simple but brilliant gift wrapping hack for when your wrapping paper is too small for the box. Instead of matching up the box so it's parallel with the paper, rotate the box at a 45-degree angle, and then fold up and tape the paper by the corners. You really have to see it to get it. Video...
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Christmas Movie

Christmasy Movies That Might Not Be Christmas Movies

This might settle the debate over "Die Hard's" status as a Christmas movie once and for all. But probably not. It landed on a list of "Christmasy Movies That Might Not Be Christmas Movies." "Bridget Jones's Diary" came in at #1, followed by "Trading Places", and that Bruce Willis flick came in at #...
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snow covered house

Watch: The Only House Not Decorated For Christmas

There are tons of legitimate reasons that people don't decorate their houses for the holidays, and I'd sure love to know this person's story. Because they're the only one on their side of the block who didn't even try. It's especially noticeable because it's a string of row houses jammed together,...
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Stealing Or Not Stealing?

Is there any gray area when it comes to stealing? A bunch of people took an online poll on what counts as stealing and what doesn't. See if you agree... 1. A cashier fails to scan an item, and you don't mention it. 63% said yes, it's stealing. Also, if you fail to mention they gave you too much...
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Not Having Turkey At Thanksgiving

A new poll claims almost TWO-THIRDS of us would be fine with NOT having turkey for Thanksgiving... 1. 26% of people said they'd like to see alternate food options on the table this year. 2. 30% have already had something besides turkey as the main dish on Thanksgiving. 3. The most overrated...
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What We Would Give Up To Not Get Sick

Here are five tough sacrifices, and how many of us would be willing to go without them for a full year, if it meant we wouldn't get sick... 1. Our vacation time. 37% said they'd give it up. 2. Social media. 36% would give it up for a year to not get sick. 3. Your favorite food, 33%. 4. Sleeping in...
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Watch: Criminal Wears "It's Not A Crime Unless You Get Caught" Shirt

A burglar in Missouri who was wearing a shirt that said "It's not a crime unless you get caught" hasn't been caught. So, I guess no crime? Click Here to see the video and more.
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