John Krasinski

Watch: Some Good News With John Krasinski

John Krasinski has a new YouTube channel all about GOOD NEWS!
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chicken sandwich

The Top Food Stories Of The Year

Each year, a marketing firm in New York ranks the top food-related stories that were in the news, and the WINNER was the Popeyes Chicken Sandwich. They added it to the menu in August . . . it sold out in a few days . . . and wasn't back until October. Then people literally FOUGHT each other just to...
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Kindergartener Invites Whole Class to His Adoption Hearing

In a packed courtroom filled with kids, one boy’s life was about to change forever. Michael Clark Jr., from East Grand Rapids, Michigan was over the moon about his adoption day . He was so excited that he invited his whole kindergarten class to his adoption hearing, according to Good Morning...
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Watch: The Best Halloween News Bloopers

The website News Be Funny posted a montage of Halloween news bloopers from years past. Video of Best Halloween News Bloopers #2
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Kid Reading News

5 Good News Outlets for Kids

If your kid is interested in current events, but you're unsure where to send them for news, Lifehacker put together this list of five kid-friendly outlets that you can feel good about: Time for Kids. This weekly magazine also has a website, which is broken down by grade level, and covers topics...
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Watch: The Best News Bloopers From July

The website News Be Funny grabbed 11 minutes of news bloopers from the month of July. Video of Best News Bloopers July 2019 Will Save Your Summer
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Hearing Good Or Bad News First

If someone says to you, "I've got good news and bad news"... Which do you want to hear FIRST? According to a new survey, almost twice as many people would rather hear the BAD news first. 57% say they want to hear bad news then good news, and only 29% would rather hear good news then bad news. The...
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Watch: The Best News Bloopers For May

The website News Be Funny posted some of the best news bloopers from May. It features an anchor saying, "we tried to reach out to the man who died in the pursuit", and a reporter forgetting the name of a woman in a very inspirational story. Video of The Best News Bloopers May 2019 Will Make You...
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Woman Opens Plane's Emergency Exit Thinking It Was the Bathroom

( 100.3 Jack FM ) - Even though the plane’s seat belt lights were on, a woman aboard a Pakistan International Airlines flight decided to get up and head to the bathroom. Unfortunately, she did not find the bathroom in time. In fact, the woman mistakenly opened the plane’s emergency exit door,...
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Baby Saybie

World's Tiniest Surviving Infant Born at a San Diego Hospital

Video by Meredith Ganzman ( KNX 1070 ) — A San Diego hospital on Wednesday revealed the birth of a girl believed to be the world's tiniest surviving baby, who weighed just 245 grams (about 8.6 ounces) before she was discharged as a healthy infant. The baby named Saybie was born at 23 weeks and...
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