Movies You Need To Watch To Be More Successful

The movies that you should watch to make you more succesful inlcude...
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Grocery Store

What You Need From The Grocery Store To Prepare For Potential Quarantine

If you want to prepare for a potential quarantine or lockdown during the coronavirus pandemic, here's a good guide.
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happy money

How Much Money You Need To Make To Be "Happy"

Here's how much money you need to make to truly be "HAPPY" in all 50 states.
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Holiday-Themed Treats That You Need To Try has a list of "26 Holiday-Themed Treats You Need In Your Kitchen Right Now". Here are just a few of the NEW products now hitting store shelves... - Mint Chocolate Twinkies - Gingerbread Spice Life Cereal - Wintermint Ding Dongs - Breyer's Caramel Apple Pie Ice Cream - Pillsbury Brownie...
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The Things That Cause Us to Say "I Need A Vacation"

According to a new survey, the average American says "I need a vacation" roughly THREE TIMES a week. And here are the top 10 things that cause us to say it... 1. Stress at work. 2. Feeling tired. 3. Parenting or family stress. 4. A bad commute. 5. Sleeping through your alarm. 6. Bad weather. 7. A...
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The Things We Need For A "Perfect" Morning

A new survey asked 2,000 Americans to name the top things they need in order to have the "perfect" morning... 1. Coffee. 52% said it's essential. 2. A good breakfast. 3. Exercise. 4. Meditation. 5. Watching the news. 6. Reading the news. 7. Listening to your favorite radio show or podcast. 8...
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"I Need Beer Money" Sign Raises $5,000 For Charity

If you watched ESPN's "College GameDay" this weekend, there was a college kid in the background with a sign asking people to Venmo him beer money. And it worked... He ended up with THOUSANDS of dollars in his account. But instead of throwing a party, he's donating all the money to a children's...
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How Much Caffeine We Need Every Day

According to a new survey, workers put down an average of 2.5 caffeinated drinks every single day. That adds up to around 12 or 13 cups of coffee, energy drinks, teas, or sodas per work week. And maybe it's because we're not sleeping great. The average employee only sleeps 6.4 hours a night. And we...
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The Number Of Followers You Need On Social Media To Be "Famous"

How many followers do you need on social media to be FAMOUS ? According to a U.K. advertising regulator, it's 30,000. Click Here to see more.
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The Amount Of Money You Need To Be Wealthy

Apparently, just being a millionaire doesn't mean you're rich anymore. According to a new study, the average person thinks you have to have a net worth of $2.3 million to be considered rich . . . and you need $1.1 million just to be, quote, "financially comfortable." Click Here to see more.
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