Look: Natural Light's Spiked Seltzer

Natural Light just announced they're rolling out their own spiked seltzers later this month. They'll come in two flavors with pretty funny names: Catalina Lime Mixer and Aloha Beaches. And most importantly, they'll cost about 20% less than all the other spiked seltzers on the market. After failing...
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Natural Ways To Get Better Sleep

If you haven't been getting enough shut-eye lately, here are four NATURAL things that are proven to help you sleep better... 1. Exercise. Even if you work out in the evenings. A new study had people do 30 minutes of high-intensity exercise a few hours before bed, and they were still able to fall...
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Scams To Watch Out For After A Natural Disaster

Hurricane Florence is pounding the East Coast as we speak. And whether or not you've been directly affected by it, you should still be aware of these four common natural disaster SCAMS... 1. Fake rental listings. If you just lost your house, you're probably pretty desperate. But make sure you've...
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Imagine Dragons

What Is Happening In This Imagine Dragons’ “Natural” Video?

A creepy clip for their latest song
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Dan Reynolds of Imagine Dragons performs live on stage at the Genting Arena in Birmingham

Imagine Dragons’ “Natural” Makes Live TV Debut

Watch their energetic performance on 'Kimmel' here!
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Dan Reynolds of Imagine Dragons

Imagine Dragons Release Explosive New Song “Natural”

Imagine Dragons just released the energetic and inspiring new track “Natural” and we can’t get enough of it. Listen here!
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