National Burger Day

Today is National Burger Day, and according to a new survey, 73% of Americans like burgers.
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National Ex-Spouse Day

A new survey asked people to name the most ANNOYING thing about their ex.
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National Ravioli Day

Today is National Ravioli Day.
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laugh day

National Let's Laugh Day

It's National Let's Laugh Day.
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landline phone

National Landline Telephone Day

Today is National Lanline Telephone Day.
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National Day Of Unplugging

The annual National Day of Unplugging is here.
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National Grammar Day

It's National Grammar Day, and...
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love your pet

National Love Your Pet Day

Today is National Love Your Pet Day.
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National Bagel Day

Here are a few DEALS for National Bagel Day... At Einstein Bros. bagels on National Bagel Day, you'll receive a coupon for a free bagel and schmear with purchase. Click Here to see more.
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Ice Cream Day

National Ice Cream Day

Today is National Ice Cream Day, and according to a new survey, people kind of like having National Ice Cream Day in December because they're already eating so much sugar this month, they don't feel guilty about a little more. 80% of people say they eat more sugar around the holidays than they do...
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