Movie Soundtracks That Are More Popular Than The Movie

Are these soundtracks really more popular than their movies?
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war trench

The Greatest War Movies Ever Made

Everybody is talking about "1917", so put together a list of the "50 Greatest War Movies Ever". Here' their Top 10... 1. The Japanese Akira Kurosawa movie "Ran", 1985 2. The Stanley Kubrick movie "Paths of Glory", 1957 3. "The Thin Red Line", 1998 4. The French movie "Grand Illusion",...
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Netflix Reveals Most-Watched Titles of 2019 Including 'Stranger Things' and 'You'

Do you know what we all have in common? Netflix originals. If you want to get a sense of what defines a generation, just take a look at what everyone was collectively binge-watching in that given year. In 2019, Netflix was the top streaming service unifying the masses with content like the third...
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Darth Vader

Watching The "Star Wars" Movies In "Machete Order"

As you get ready for the LAST "Star Wars" film in the Skywalker saga, this may be the BEST way to watch ALL the "Star Wars" movies leading up to "Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker". It's called "Machete Order", and it basically removes "Episode 1", "Rogue One" and "Solo". Here's the order you should...
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Christmas Movie

Christmasy Movies That Might Not Be Christmas Movies

This might settle the debate over "Die Hard's" status as a Christmas movie once and for all. But probably not. It landed on a list of "Christmasy Movies That Might Not Be Christmas Movies." "Bridget Jones's Diary" came in at #1, followed by "Trading Places", and that Bruce Willis flick came in at #...
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2020 movie

The Most Anticipated Movies And TV Shows For 2020

IMDB put together a list of the most anticpated MOVIES for 2020... Here they are, along with their expected release dates: 1. Margot Robbie's DC Comics movie "Birds of Prey", February 7th 2. "Sonic the Hedgehog", February 14th 3. "Top Gun: Maverick", June 26th 4. The James Bond movie "No Time to...
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Best Christmas Movie

The Best Christmas Movies Of All Time

A new survey asked 2,000 Americans what the BEST Christmas movie of ALL TIME is... 1. "A Christmas Story" 2. "A Charlie Brown Christmas" 3. "It's a Wonderful Life" 4. "Planes, Trains, and Automobiles" 5. "Home Alone" 6. "The Polar Express" 7. "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation" 8. "Home Alone 2...
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The Worst Movies Of The Decade

The "Hollywood Reporter" has a list of the worst movies of the DECADE, and it includes FIVE movies starring ADAM SANDLER, who might get an Oscar nomination this year for his new movie "Uncut Gems". Here are the ones they came up with, in alphabetical order: 1. "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter" (...
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Horror Movie

The Best Horror Movies Of 2019

"Rolling Stone" put together a list of the 10 Best Horror Movies of the Year... 1. "Us" . . . Jordan Peele's follow-up to "Get Out". 2. "Tigers Are Not Afraid" . . . Mexican orphans get help from the spirits of the dead when they run afoul of a drug cartel. 3. "Midsommar" . . . A group of Americans...
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Disney Warns Flashing Scenes in Newest 'Star Wars' Film Could Pose Seizure Risk

If you’re planning on seeing the upcoming “Star Wars” film, you may want to read this warning. On Friday, Disney issued a warning asking theaters to warn moviegoers about the visuals and sustained flashing light sequences in the upcoming “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker” because it could be...
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