Tom Hanks

Watch: "Greyhound" Movie Trailer

Check out the movie trailer for Tom Hanks' new World War II movie called "Greyhound".
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Watch: "The Candyman" Movie Trailer

Here's the trailer for the NEW "Candyman" reboot.
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Movie Soundtracks That Are More Popular Than The Movie

Are these soundtracks really more popular than their movies?
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Huey Lewis

The Best Movie Theme Songs Of The 1980s

Here's a list of the BEST movie theme songs of the 1980s.
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Chris Rock

Watch: "Spiral" Movie Teaser Trailer

Check out the teaser for the new "Saw" movie.
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Indiana Jones

"Indiana Jones 5" Is A Go

Harrison Ford is coming back for "Indiana Jones 5".
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Movie Villains Who Are Way Too Scary For Kids

The site has a list of the scariest villains in KIDS movies, and naturally, a lot of them are from "family-friendly" movies that came out in the '80s before everyone got a little hyper-sensitive about scary stuff. Here's the Top 10: 1. The Witches from "The Witches", 1990 2. The...
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Bad Boys for Life

Sequels That Took A Long Time To Hit The Screen

"Bad Boys For Life" hits theaters tomorrow, 17 years after "Bad Boys 2". But that's not the longest gap in between sequels. Here's a list of sequels that took a long time to materialize... 1. There was a 20-year gap between 1988's "Rambo 3" and 2008's "Rambo". 2. In 2014, we were "treated" to "Dumb...
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Tom Cruise

Watch: "Top Gun: Maverick" New Movie Trailer

Check out a new trailer for "Top Gun: Maverick". Video of Top Gun: Maverick (2020) – New Trailer - Paramount Pictures
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The Perfect Christmas Movie According To Your Zodiac Sign

If you ever wondered what the PERFECT Christmas movie is according to your ZODIAC SIGN, then we've got you covered. took a look at Christmas movies and sodiac signs and discovered... Aries - "It's A Wonderful Life" Taurus - "Four Christmases" Gemini — "The Nightmare Before Christmas"...
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