Baby Names

The Most Popular Baby Names Of 2019 calculated the most popular names of the year based on how often expecting parents added them to their "favorites" list. The top 10 names for boys are: Liam . . . Oliver . . . Theodore . . . Declan . . . Henry . . . Owen . . . Finn . . . Caleb . . . Emmett . . . and Benjamin. And the...
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waiting for flight

The Airlines To Most Likely Bump You

A study found the U.S. airlines that are most likely to bump you off a flight are Frontier and Spirit. Click Here to see more.
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Thanksgiving Meal

Look: Most Hated Thanksgiving Food In Every State

A new study found the most hated Thanksgiving food in every state. Cranberry sauce is least popular in 17 states, green bean casserole is least popular in 12 (including BOTH Missouri and Illinois), and both turkey and pumpkin pie are the most hated in three states. Here are the most hated...
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The Most Anticipated Holiday Movies

The holidays are a big time for movies. And according to a survey by the Marcus Theatre chain, nearly HALF of us plan on going FOUR OR MORE TIMES between now and January 1st. Here are the five most anticipated movies of this holiday season: 1. "Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker", 53% (Opens December...
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The Most Sinful Cities In America

The website WalletHub just ranked the 182 biggest cities in the country from most sinful to least sinful. And they did it based on different stats that correspond to the seven deadly sins... 1. Lust: Strip clubs per capita, Tinder users, and porn searches on Google. 2. Gluttony: Obesity rate, fast...
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Costco's "World's Most Expensive Ham" Deal

Costco is selling one of the most expensive HAMS in the world for a discount price. A single leg usually sells for over $1,000, and Costco is selling them for $560. Click Here to see more.
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The Cities With The Most Stressful Commutes

According to, here are the cities with the most stressful commutes... 1. Detroit, MI 2. Miramar, FL 3. Paterson, NJ 4. Fremont, CA 5. Bellevue, WA Click Here to see more.
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Look: The Lawn With The Most Inflatable Turkeys

Neighbors in Nebraska are in a war to see who can put more inflatable turkeys on their lawn. Right now it's around 20 each. Inflatable turkey 'war' is out of control for Omaha neighbors: — Omaha World-Herald (@OWHnews) November 11, 2019
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The Most Surprising TV Character Deaths Of The Past Decade

Buzzfeed has a list of the 50 most surprising TV character deaths over the past decade, and naturally it's PACKED WITH SPOILERS, which shouldn't be a problem since most of these deaths happened years ago, and are all over the Internet, and if you REALLY cared about these shows, you would've watched...
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The Most Common Things That Go Wrong When You're Hosting Thanksgiving

According to a new survey, 63% of people say that Thanksgiving dinner NEVER goes exactly like it's planned, and the average person has SIX things go wrong when they're hosting. Here are the most common things that go wrong... 1. Not all of the cooking is done on time. 2. Running out of wine. 3...
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