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The Best States For Singles

According to a new study, the best states to be in if you're single this year are California, Florida, New York, Texas, and Pennsylvania. And the worst state for dating is Arkansas. Illinois is ranked eighth, whil Missouri comes in at number 16 on the list. Click Here to see more.
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Viral Video: Most Watermelons Chopped On Stomach In One Minute

A guy in India broke a Guinness record by having 49 watermelons sliced in half on his stomach in a minute. The previous record was 48. He laid on a bench while a guy with a 30-inch Samurai sword sliced one after another. A crew on the side kept the new ones coming. Each watermelon had to be cleanly...
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U.S. Cities With The Worst Rush-Hour Traffic

Los Angeles was just named the worst city in the world for traffic for a sixth straight year. The analytics company Inrix puts out an annual list of the cities with the worst rush-hour traffic, and L.A. won again by a pretty good margin. The average driver in L.A. spent 102 hours in sitting rush-...
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Viral Video: The Best Way To Arrange Eggs Mathematically

Right now, people on Twitter are arguing over the right way to take EGGS out of the carton There are four main camps: Remove the eggs from right to left . . . remove them left to right . . . alternate the sides so the carton is always balanced . . . or do something weird, like taking them from the...
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Viral Video: Olympic Hotties Deliver Their Best Pick-Up Lines

"Cosmo" made some MALE winter Olympians disrobe while delivering cheesy pickup lines. Video of 10 Team USA Hotties Get Half-Naked and Roll Out Gold Medal-Worthy Pick-Up Lines | Cosmopolitan
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Valentine's Day

The Best And Worst Cities For Celebrating Valentine's Day just ranked the 100 biggest cities in the country from the best places to celebrate Valentine's Day to the worst. The rankings are based on 23 factors including the cost of a three-course meal at a fancy restaurant on Valentine's Day . . . hotel prices . . . attractions . . ...
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Jennifer Lawrence

Viral Video: Jennifer Lawrence Leads "Fly Eagles Fly" Chant On A Plane Ahead Of Super Bowl

Watch Jennifer Lawrence lead a "Fly, Eagles, Fly" chant on a plane ahead of Super Bowl 52. Video of Jennifer Lawrence Leads 'Fly Eagles Fly' Chant on a Plane Ahead of Super Bowl.
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Cuisine Capitals Of The U.S.

Google analyzed what types of restaurants people are going to the most in every city to find the "capital" of a bunch of different cuisines. Here are their results... 1. The PIZZA capital is . . . Detroit. Going out for pizza is more popular in Detroit than any other city in the country. 2. The...
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Viral Video: When Drinking A Lot Of Vodka...

This looks like it's out of Russia. A drunk guy spends some 90 seconds trying to put on his shirt, but he keeps failing because it's a pair of pants. He's in the middle of his fifth attempt when the video ends. Video of This happens when drinking a lot of vodka | Watch the man on the bed.No one...
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Each Country's Favorite Winter Olympics Sport

According to recent YouTube views, Google was able to determine each country's favorite Winter Olympics sport. The U.S., Canada, and Russia love hockey. Mexico and South America prefer bobsledding. And across most of Africa and the Middle East, the top winter sport is curling. Click Here to see...
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