Morning Habit

Morning Habits

Are your morning habits normal?
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The Things We Need For A "Perfect" Morning

A new survey asked 2,000 Americans to name the top things they need in order to have the "perfect" morning... 1. Coffee. 52% said it's essential. 2. A good breakfast. 3. Exercise. 4. Meditation. 5. Watching the news. 6. Reading the news. 7. Listening to your favorite radio show or podcast. 8...
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Things You Shouldn't Do In The Morning

Here are five things you shouldn't do in the morning, mostly because they make you feel even MORE tired... 1. Hit the snooze button. It's bad because you're likely to enter a sleep cycle you won't be able to finish. So you'll wake up even groggier instead of refreshed. 2. Check email or social...
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Monday Is The Most Productive Day Of The Week

According to a new survey, workers say they're the most productive on Mondays and productivity goes down just a little bit every day after that. 29% of people feel most productive on Mondays, 27% peak on Tuesdays, 20% on Wednesdays, 13% on Thursdays, and only 11% on Fridays. The survey also found...
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Steps To Turn Yourself Into A Morning Person

A new study found it IS possible to turn yourself into a morning person. You just have to be vigilant for about a month. Here are the five steps you need to follow... 1. Force yourself to get up two to three hours earlier than usual. Then immediately get some sun. It signals your body to stop...
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A Successful Morning Routine

2,000 Americans were recently shown a glass that was exactly 50% full. Then they were asked if it was half-full or half-empty. And 58% said half-full . . . while just 16% said half-empty. The other 26% were indecisive. Even the half-empty people weren't very likely to say they're a pessimist at...
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Listen: Courtney & Company Enjoy Playing "Gloria" All Morning Long... Again!

Courtney & Company promised that Y98 would play "24 Hours of 'Gloria'" if the Blues beat the Sharks to advance to the Stanley Cup Finals, and since the Blues DID IT last night... This morning, we kicked off "24 Hours of 'Gloria'"... Again! Let's Go Blues!
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Watch: Viola Davis Skydives For The First Time

Viola Davis conquered her fear and jumped 12,000 feet out of a plane. So....I jumped out of a plane. Yup. I did it. 12,000 ft and 100mph drop. It was awesome and the ultimate exercise in letting go, tackling my fears and freedom. Loved it!!! As a smart woman once said,"Courage is fear said with...
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Watch: What A Little Ice Does For Your Morning

Here's a porch-cam video of a woman leaving her house. She locks the door, goes down the steps to her driveway, which appears to be wet from rain. But it's covered in ice, and she falls to her knees and slides backwards until she's out of the picture. Video of What a little ice does for your morning
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When Your Child Will Get Up On Christmas Morning

A new survey found the average kid wakes up at 6:44 A.M. on Christmas. Young kids wake up earlier than older kids. If you've only got teenagers in the house, you might make it past 7:00 A.M. Only 15% of teenagers will wake their parents up earlier than that. 1 in 6 parents will also be woken up in...
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