How Much Money "The Simpsons" Have Lost

A website calculated all the ways "The Simpsons" lost out on money over their first 29 seasons, and it turns out they let $350 BILLION get away. Homer has done the most damage, not surprisingly. His blunders have cost the family $333 billion. Click Here to see more.
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Look: Wanted Criminal Posts On Facebook To Try And Get His Own Reward Money

Police in Texas posted on Facebook last month, offering a $1,000 reward for tips on a wanted thief. And HE responded to the post, asking if HE could get the reward. They said "no", and they caught him about a week later.
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How To Save Money And Lose Weight At The Grocery Store

If you want to spend less on groceries AND lose weight, stick to the perimeter of the grocery store. That's where most of the fresh foods are. And most of the processed foods are in the aisles. Click Here to see more.
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The National Average For Tipping

According to a new study, the national average for tipping is now 17.12%. People in Maine give the highest average tips, at 19.36%. The other states where people tip at least 18% or more are: Rhode Island . . . New Jersey . . . Connecticut . . . Vermont . . . Florida . . . and Michigan. Missouri...
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Iconic Onscreen Moments Made Possible By Lack Of Money

Here's a list of a few "Iconic Onscreen Moments Made Possible by a Lack of Money": 1. The Quick Stop sign in "Clerks": Kevin Smith didn't have the money for movie sets, so he had to film in a real convenience store. But he only had permission to shoot at night, and he had to keep the window...
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How Much We Spend Eating Out And Grabbing Coffee Every Year

A new study looked at how much the average American is spending on two things: Going out to eat and grabbing drinks like coffee and smoothies. And, spoiler alert: We're spending a LOT. The average person eats at a restaurant or orders takeout or delivery 2.4 times a week, and spends an average of $...
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Courtney's Canine Clips: Dog Buys Own Treats

Some guy in Mexico posted a video where he gives a dog a coin, and then the dog takes the money to the cashier at an outdoor market and buys his own doggie treat! Video of Dog Buys Own Treat || ViralHog
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Three Things You Can Save Money On In September

If you blew all your money on your kids' back-to-school budget, here are three things you should be able to save some money on in September. 1. Mattresses. They're always a popular sale item for Labor Day, along with other furniture and appliances. 2. iPhones. Apple reportedly plans to announce...
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Best Labor Day Deals According To WalletHub

With summer winding down and back-to-school season in full swing, WalletHub released two reports to celebrate the holiday weekend. WalletHub’s Best Labor Day Deals & Sales report gives shoppers a roadmap to savings. Its Labor Day Fun Facts report helps to educate and entertain consumers with...
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Watch: Money Thief Caught By Mousetrap

A store in Brazil put a mousetrap inside a cash drawer that people had been stealing from, and then posted video of it catching a woman in the act. She's at the counter talking to someone when she sneaks her hand into the drawer and it snaps. No one says anything and she calmly puts it back, and...
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